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2014 XRAY Challenge Germany Invitation

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Not far from the world famous Nürburgring will be held on 08 and 09 March XRAY CHALLENGE GERMANY 2014 instead. The venue is the "Eifel-Ring", the permanent indoor track of the Model Car Club (MAC) Adenau. On the 90-meter-long carpet runway which is similar sophisticated as the nearby legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife, the internationally announced Xray Challenge Germany is extended into three classes: modified touring cars, touring cars floor and 1:12 standard.

Participation is open to riders from home and abroad with 1:10 touring car chassis and 1:12 chassis all brands. Mandatory are only LRP CPX tires, LRP-adhesive Carpet 1/2/3 and a minimum weight of 1,350 grams for both touring car classes as well as for the stock class 13.5T brushless motors according to EFRA and dials in flashing mode. The minimum weight for the 1:12 vehicles with 10.5T motors and controllers in the flashing mode is 730 grams.

XRAY Challenge Germany





Track address:'24'24,8'-O6'55'39,7'


Categories run:

1/10 electric modified touring

1/10 electric stock touring

1/12 pan car


Sa.08 -So. 09.March 2014

Time schedule:


Saturday 10.00-20.00


Sunday 07.30-09.00


Sunday 09.30

Prize ceremony and tombola

Sunday 17.00

PRO driver at the race:

Alexander Hagberg ,Tobias Hepp

Technical support:


RC Klein Kram

Spare part service:

RC Klein Kram

Entry fee:

Adults 18.00€

Junior 12.00€

T-shirt & tombola included


Fax: 02693/1288


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