1/10 LM-A Lemans Bodyshell

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1/10 LM-A Lemans Bodyshell

















Length : 370mm


Front : 195-200mm

Rear : 200-205mm

Wheelbase length: : 275-280mm

Weigh (fully equipped with long pack LiPo 7.4V battery): : 1200g #

Chassis only : 450g #

# for reference only, depends the equipment using


- LE MANS Type Body Shell

- Transmitter

- Receiver

- Steering Servo

- Electric Speed Controller (ESC)

- .05(540) TypeMotor

- Battery & Charger

- Polycarbonate Paint (for the body shell)

- Instant Cement

The latest release from Speed Passion R&D is the revolutionary Speed Passion LM-1 1/10th scale Spec Racer. The LM-1 Spec Racer allows racers of all experience levels to experience the realism and excitement of prototype endurance racing in small scale. The simple chassis and layout provides novice drivers an easy and forgiving platform to drive. More experience drivers will be able to appreciate the chassis and suspension adjustability to fine tune the LM-1 Spec Racer for competitive racing. Even when displayed on a desk or shelf as a model, the ultra realistic body based off of endurance racing prototypes looks like the real deal! The included LM-1 realistic body can also be fitted with LED lighting for added realism or night racing. The LM-1 Spec Racer will be available as a kit for drivers looking for something realistic and fun to drive or display as a model right out of the box. A Ready-to-Run version and a "Pro Kit" version will also be available for experienced drivers looking to race competitively in late 2013 early 2014

Speed Passion's LM-1 2WD pan car that was first seen during this year's Nuremberg Toy Fair is available now. Based on a fibre glass chassis and coming with highly adjustable front suspension parts the car is ideal for novice racers and competition pilots alike. The rear link-type suspension is nearly identical to the SP-1's meaning you can adjust damping and roll characteristics while the front sports adjustable toe, camber and caster settings. The kit comes without body shell but early all 200mm GT-type shells will fit as does Speed Power's LM-A body shell.

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superbe carro, j'ignorais qu'on pouvait l'acheter seule merci! je la rajoute à la liste dans la présentation des pan car :drunk:

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290$... autant qu'une 10r5.1 ou une corally 10sl :slow:

c'est moi ou j'ai l'impression qu'il y a plus de plastique et d'epoxy que de carbone?

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Il est à 220$ le chassis mais tu as raison la qualité à l'air bien inférieur à du Asso ou CRC

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Est-ce-que quelqu'un sait ou trouver ces carrosseries en France ou en Europe?

SF000173 ou SF000179

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Attention, il me semble que l empattement est different des autres wgt

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Toyota Motors

Nope ce TM la c'est TrackMania... Si vous ne connaissez pas je vous conseille de googler, ca fait les doigts (d'y jouer donc ^^), et si vous connaissez essayez de ne pas trop polluer le topic ;)

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