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2013 Spanish EP national championship: Robert Batlle is 2WD Buggy Champions!

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The final round of the Spanish 2WD Nats took place at the RC Hobby Garden track, located near Barcelona. The track is well known between RC Spanish drivers as one of the best tracks in the country. It was in an optimal shape for the race and there was a new paddock to accommodate the large number of drivers who were to attend the event.

The race started on Saturday with a very wet track because it rained the day before. That created difficulty for the drivers and their setups, because the track would get dry gradually during the day and lose grip.


From the beginning there were three favourite drivers aspiring for the podium: Robert Batlle, Carlos Pineda and Juanma Lerma, who ran this time with LRP electronics. Following them were Zacarías Villalba, Roger Sancho and an astounding Max Ricca trying to catch the leaders.

In the qualifying heats, LRP drivers were dominating the top three positions. Behind them were Villalba, getting the fourth overall position, Sancho the fifth and sixth Max Ricca, with the same number of points as Ferrán Coy and Ramón Nuño, seventh and eighth, and then closing the A Final group, were Josep Galisteo and Héctor Albarracín in the tenth position.

In the A-Final everything seemed like the podium would be played by the LRP trio: Batlle, Pineda and Lerma. It was a very close race between the best drivers and the best RC components. In the first A-Final, Battle gained the lead after a crash between Lerma and Pineda, so he won the race. In the second A-Final, Batlle made no mistakes and crossed the finish line the first, becoming Spanish Champion 2013 in 2WD 1/10.

Third A-Final went on the fight between Pineda and Lerma. Both spent the first four minutes of the last final fighting to get the 2nd podium place but Pineda made a mistake and allowed Lerma to win.

1st Robert Batlle

2nd Juanma Lerma

3rd Carlos Pineda

4th Zacarias Villalba

5th Max Ricca

6th Roger Sancho Gómez

7th Ferrán Coy Sentis

8th Hector Albarracín Sanchís

9th Ramón Nuño Nuñez

10th Josep Galisteo Martínez

11th Javi Ortigosa Castro

12th Ramón Guasch Palma

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More Pictures:

Source: technicalrp / cochesrc / lrp / jonrcfoto

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