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How to Build Kyosho’s ZX6 Gear Diff.

Here is a step by step run through on how I build the new Kyosho Gear Diff to suit the all new ZX6 4wd platform.


I drove the car last night for the first time and my first impressions of the car are positive. It was lazy getting in and out but a few small tweaks and she came alive. Didnt have any issues with the center driveline popping out and I run a 6.5 with 20% esc timing.

I started with 32.5/1.6/red front and 27.5/1.6/gold rear. Rear hubs forward with kit setup links. Slipper was med/tight with stock flat arms. Car was way to soft and felt like it was sitting on the rear. It pushed into the turn and it pushed out. Usually my rule of thumb is off power issues are done at the front and on power is usually done at the rear as far as tweaks go. I left the front alone except went down to the gold fronts from red and went up to 35 oil. In the rear I slid the rear hubs back, uped the oil to 32.5 and went to the number 2 hole on the V2 hubs, was running 3/4 hole. I also tightened up the slipper too. These changes alone made the car explosive entering and exiting corners and was very easy to drive fast. Im going back to the track Sunday and will be trying more anti squat to get more drive out of the corner. My home track is med. grip and i ran m4 subs rear and m4 transistor fronts. I used the AKA adapter 2.4" kit for the fronts.

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Kyosho ZX6 Schelle Chassis Protector

Kyosho ZX6 buggy Schelle Chassis Protector is an authentic product printed by UpGrade RC. Made in the USA from the highest quality vinyl materials.


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ZX6 owners will love the eye-catching design along with the perfect fit and performance of our Kyosho ZX6 Carbon Shorty Battery Strap.

  • 2.5mm CNC routed premium USA-made Carbon Fiber
  • Works with existing hardware. No screws to install each time.
  • Rigid and light at 4.7g.
  • 100% made in the USA.
  • Package includes 1Carbon Shorty Battery Strap and Schelle mini decal.

Product Code: SCH1108


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possesseur d'un zx 5 fsp je croise peu de zx6 voir pas du tout en course . on est beaucoup a rouler avec l'ancien

peut être le prix et en plus les revendeurs ne le mettent pas en avant

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Aluminum HD main chassis Conversion Set (ZX-6) LAW54

Optional parts for laser ZX6

Optional parts for LAZER ZX6. The conversions set of the mounting position of the motor and battery can be offset 8mm forward. Improve the pitching performance chassis to change the recess processing. Weight also 15g it possible stability and traction-up from low-grip road surface in the dirt at the high grip road surface of artificial turf, etc. in that increase.


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Carbon Composite Front Stiffener Set


Available in Apr 2015



Carbon Composite Rear Stiffener Set


Available in Apr 2015



Aluminum HD Main Chassis Conversion Set


Available in Apr 2015

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JConcepts Kyosho ZX6 Body

The JConcepts design team has spent many hours in development with leading team drivers to develop a new high-speed style body, specifically for the latest circuits. One of the most recognizable items, the Silencer body style, has now been designed for perfect fit and finish on the Kyosho ZX6 buggy.

A brand-new, ground up design, the Silencer, has new elements created for the high speed tracks. A profiled, Finnisher stance cockpit and forward raised side-pod gives the Silencer an immediate fighting appearance. A smooth, high-speed transition around the cab, keeps the Silencer heading in the right direction. A slight recess just behind the cab with channeling out the rear provides rear-end stability. The Silencer side-pods have a clipped rear-end, narrowing the rear by angling in just in front of the rear tires. The rear side-pods angle sharply toward the shock tower and wing, enhancing the force placed on the rear pods during high-speed acceleration.

The main pods are lightly chamfered front and rear allowing plenty of paint and decal access. The end result has the body looking extremely low-profile with heavy JConcepts edginess and appeal. The Silencer is capped off with a cock-pit “shark fin” for more high-speed tracking stability and increased roof stiffness. The package includes two, 6.5” Hi-Clearance wings pre-marked for the ZX6 for the easiest application.


· JConcepts Silencer styling

· Forward cab bias, dual channeling rear escape

· Clipped side-pods with extended runners

· Cock-pit “shark fin” for added stability

· Clear polycarbonate with protective film

· Includes two, 6.5” Hi-Clearance wings

· Includes window mask and decal sheet

Silencer – Kyosho ZX6 body w/ 6.5 wing

Part# 0278


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Lazer ZX6 Option Parts

We're pleased to announce we've just released a new range of Carbon Fibre parts for the Kyosho Lazer ZX6. The new parts include 4mm front and rear Carbon Fibre Towers for extra strength and rigidity, and also a great looking new Carbon Fibre Shorty Lipo Strap!



Lazer ZX6 Front Carbon Fibre Front Shock Tower




Lazer ZX6 Front Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower




Lazer ZX6 Carbon Fibre "Bow Tie" Shorty Lipo Strap


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