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Très étrange cette vue, on dirait qu'il n'y a un pack que sur le coté gauche de l'auto... on voit un vario sur le coté droit... Alors que sur les photos suivantes on voit un saddle tout ce qu'il y a de plus classique...

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Si ce châssis 4WD est aussi bon que le RB6 en 2WD, mais je craque directement en 2014 pour commencer la saison !

Mon choix se fera entre K1, XB4 et ZX6.

Merci pour les photos :)

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Cette voiture semble être particulièrement similaire à la XB4 !

J'ai hâte de la voir rouler.

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Contrairement aux attentes la zx6 ne marche pas aussi bien que ce qui était prévu mais comme d'habitude chez Kyosho ils vont y remédier. Morceau choisi du retour de Tebo après ces Worlds, on sent sa frustration.


"Sorry for no updates on 4wd. It was a very tough 3 days, and I was just exhausted. Practice day was crazy. We had 10 practice runs, but I only was able to finish 3 of my runs, so I missed out on a ton of track time. I was just having really weird mechanical issues. My car felt ok, but I really lacked steering in the 180 degree corners. I was making setup changes all day, but I wasn't getting enough track time to really see what it was doing.

Qualifying day. The morning practice my car actually felt pretty good. I was placed in the A resort heat, even though I only did 1 lap in the seeding practice. That was a good and bad thing. I would always start in the back and then have to pull over and let the faster cars go by me. Once qualifying started, I thought I would be able to get some good runs in, but it just didn't happen. I wasn't comfortable, and I was still having small mechanical issues. My electronics just felt weird. In Q3 I was actually going really good and was looking at getting a 6th for the round, but with 1 minute to go, I brushed a pipe and caught my wheel nut on a coupler. Front arm broke and the drive shaft came out, so I drove the last minute with 3 wheel drive. I got a 41 for the round, that was my best score all qualifying. In Q6 the electrical gremlins finally showed themselves. It was a shorted out speedo the whole time. I ran the whole Q4 in sensor less mode, which isn't fun, but then it finally shut down after about 4 minutes. In the final Q5 we had a new speedo and my car finally felt more normal. In practice and qualifying my car was feeling slow, so we had boosted the speedo and geared up my car. With the new speedo, my 5.5 felt more like a 3.5 and I just couldn't time any of the jumps. After 1 crash the top guys were behind me and they were fighting for TQ, so I had to just pull over to not interfere with their opportunities. It was quite an embarrassing day, but I did manage to live through it. Here is a pic of my car before practice started.

Finals day was weird. I wasn't there with a chance to win. I started 8th in the E-main. Morning practice my car was ok, but I made some changes for the final. My car in the final felt really good in the turns, but landing was a different story. I guess what I changed really effected the landing. I could not land the triple after the straight, I would roll over every lap almost. I tried my best, but I finished 4th. 4wd was finally over. Chikuba, Kyosho designer, felt terrible. We win as a team, we lose as a team. We didn't have a car that we thought we could win with, so we came with a prototype car hoping it would help our chances. We learned a lot, tried keeping our heads up, and we took the loss for what it is. We will be back in 2 years for 4wd revenge!!!!! Thanks KYOSHO and Chikuba-San for all the hard work and the great support!!!!! Sorry for the lack of updates, thanks for checking back in, and God Bless."

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Pas mal ... En attendant de le voir sur les pistes

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– New 7075 aluminium hard anodised chassis with side guards

– New aluminium steering crank design for linear control

– New easy to adjust upper bulkheads and shock stay

– New sliding motor mount design allowing precise adjustments for weight distribution

– Tungsten ball diffs

– Adjustable battery layout, compatible with separate type battery packs and shorty packs

– Velvet coated big bore aluminium shocks

– X-Gear springs, ball diff grease and hi-graphite grease included

– Heavy duty diff ring gears and bullet proof drive train

– New high down force forward cab body with new hi-flow wing















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Quand pourra-t-on acheter cette cholie petite chose ? :)

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*Length: 385mm

*Width: 248mm

*Height: 145mm

*Wheelbase: 278mm

*Tread (F/R): 210mm/200mm

*Primary gear reduction : 4.10(78T Spur / 19T Pinion)

*Secondary gear reduction : 2.6 : 1(52T-20T)

*Weight: 1650g(Without electronics)

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references de la carrosserie lightweight et des pièces pour le diff à pignon


Blade Body

(LAZER ZX6/0.6t)


Gear Diff. Set



Gear Diff. Case Set


Spare parts for LAW50


Diff. Bevel Set


Spare parts for LAW50


Drive Bevel Gear


Spare parts for LAW50


Ring Gear


Spare parts for LAW50

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pour le diff à pinion la couronne est en metal comme les pinions d'attaques ou en graphite?


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I got my production Kyosho ZX6 last week. I was pretty excited to get it, because I wasn’t quite as involved as I was with the RB6. I’ve had my prototype car from the Worlds last year, and got a few little parts to test here and there, but not much. I gave them my opinions as what I would like to see, but I didn’t see any drawings of what was going to be production.

Today I converted my prototype car to the production car. I am very happy to say that I think Kyosho did a pretty darn good job with the car. All the new production parts went together great and I thought the creativity of the parts were good too.

New steering system was pretty cool. The narrow chassis with side guards was a great fit. New motor mount was a big improvement and it is very easy to have different configurations for all you tinkerers. Even little things like the new under servo plate and antenna/battery post mounts were pretty cool.

I’ve got it all ready to test out at the track tomorrow. I’m pretty excited to drive it with the rear motor configuration. I think this new car is a great new addition to the Kyosho 6 family and customers are going to love it. Thanks for reading and God Bless.




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Kyosho ZX6 Centre Carbon Separator

Sexy Carbon centre separator

4mm for plenty of support for your Lipos





Kyosho ZX6 Saddles Carbon Lipo Straps

Sexy looking saddle strap in carbon.

Stiff and secure.

sold as a pair



Kyosho ZX6 Shorty Carbon Lipo Strap

As the description says.

Stiff and secure for your shorty Lipo pack.

Not to mention sexy looking :)





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de roger mills

Before I go on I have to say an engineer who lives in a land where ±1 micron is a large tolerance I have to say how brilliantly the ZX6 goes together, the RB6 is truly world class but this kit is out of this world brilliant in the fit and finish department. The other point I want to make is that before you go throwing masses of aftermarket bling and even the Kyosho upgrades at it build this kit out of the box .... it's all in there, everything you need! I'd arm yourself with a couple of pairs of Xgear springs and take your kit built car to the track, nothing else needed!

A couple of points from my build ....

1) M3x18mm cap head screws to bolt the tower mounts to gearbox cases.

I did this on the ZX5 as if you round a head off you pretty much had to destroy the tower mount to get to the recessed head to get it apart .... on the ZX6 some of those recesses are very deep so I strongly suggest you do the same (never rounded off a cap head with a 2.5mm hex)

2) Shim up the steering assembly - until you build it you'll have no idea of HOW picky I'm being here ....

Kyosho have done an absolutely amazing job of tolerancing all the plastic parts on the ZX6, the fit is out of this world brilliant.

That makes the tiny tiny tiny amount of play in the steering setup stand out like a sore thumb (it is a tiny amount) so I fitted an axle shim under each lower bearing and all play has gone and the steering is like silk.

3) Aluminium spacers under ball studs

With time and flexing the plastic spacers will yield a little leaving the ball studs a fraction loose ... that play = oval holes = stripped thread.

Kyosho's plastics are without a doubt the best in the business but it is always sound engineering to use metal spacers / washers as they just don't give .... standard for all cars I build.

4) Grub screws in all empty ball stud holes

Helps keep the plastic flex free and supports the plastic around the holes with ball studs in when you go cartwheeling down the straight ... again standard on every car I build.

Build was truly a pleasure, so much so I want to build another one right now

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ça donne envie...pas craquer, pas craquer....

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David Ronnefalk (Sweden), 18 – 4WD Euros

Chassis: Kyosho ZX6

Motor: Orion VST2

ESC: Orion R10.1 Pro

Battery: Orion Carbon Pro Shorty

Tyres: Standard Handouts JConcepts, AKA foams

Radio & Servos: Kopropo EX-1 / Kopropo RSX Response

Body: ZX6 Standard

Notes: Shorty conversion to fit the quite small and tight track. Ball diffs for loose conditions, LMR Avior wing.












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On Sunday at the 17th Annual Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout we spent some time in Jared Tebo’s pits. He gave us an under the hood look at the new Kyosho Lazer ZX-6 4wd Buggy. He told us Kyosho America has just received this car kit so customers should start being able to pick them up shortly… Check out Jared’s ZX-6!

Chassis: Kyosho Lazer ZX-6

Tires: N/A

Motor: Team Orion VST2 Pro 5.5T

ESC: Team Orion Vortex R10 10.1 Pro

Battery: Team Orion Shorty Pack













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ZX6 Centre spine weight

Weight is 32g

Direct fit

Perfect to settle the car over bumpy tracks





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