Rd1 Spain 1/8th Off Road EP Nationals

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Rd1 Spain 1/8th Off Road EP Nationals

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The Nationals began last weekend in the new RC La Nucia track. With a great facilities, the club staff debut in his first National race showing a good performance.

The track is a high speed design with small double and triple jumps sections, where you have to keep a high speed. For the first laps we tried to follow the local drivers who went really fast.

After qualifying, Serpent driver Sergio Martinez was TQ'd (4 of 5), followed by Daniel Vega and local driver Toni Alcalá.

The finals were a bit chaotic because of the track became bumpy joining the high speed, the drivers could make mistakes really easily.

At the end, European champion, Daniel Vega got the pace to win the race followed by TQ driver Sergio Martínez, and Alberto García.

Great perfomance for all Team Serpent, who showed being the best team with the best car of the paddock, with 6 drivers in the main final:

1st. Daniel Vega

2nd. Sergio Martínez

3rd. Alberto García

4th. Toni Alcalá

5th. Zacarías Villalba

6th. Bernardo Llopis

7th. Dani García

8th. Roberto G. Sáez

9th. José Ángel Gutierrez

10th. Alberto Quirós






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Au top merci runner!!!

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