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I don't get much runtime on winter. I booked to a local race and that was basically the first run of the car. As expected I had much details to iron out, but the Redseal ran really well, allowing me to get into the A final for the first time in a long period, apart from my home track.:thumbsup:

It was an indoor track with a slipperish carpet and some turns on the naked gym floor.

Here are some mods I made:

With the FS car it was sometimes a problem to get the rear of the car as low as you would want, and it's only getting worse with the much lighter Redseal. So I fitted AE big bore spring cups on the rear, the lowest ones.


I cut the undertray to fit it on top of the chassis, mainly for a clean look :lol:



I made a small notch under the motor mount to route the esc-rx wire. Hard to see but anyway...


When using an aftermarket ackermann link, with an extreme setup it becomes really easy to pop out the inner ball stud. I tried to do a captured design with Kyosho parts, it seems to work :rolleyes:


Setup-wise, I started with the Asarashi astro setup but I moved to more FS-like setups, with a higher roll center and more antisquat on the rear. I also started with a 7.5 motor, I will try a 6.5.

As for the pistons, 4x1.3 have too much damping. I fitted 3x1.5 on front (40WT) and 3x1.6 on rear (35WT) (or was it 3x1.6 and 3x1.7? Will check that), AE tapered pistons, on the bench it feels really good.

raphael gayoso

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c'est la version "onroad"... pas la meme chose. Ils l'appellent "roadseal" (et c'est malin je trouve)

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