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ces videos "unboxing" sont exasperantes... faut qu'ils commencent a les vendre plus cheres, leurs cameras digitales. Zero interet...

J'avoue que je vois pas trop non plus a quoi elles servent ces vidéos "Unboxing" ??

A quoi ça sert de filmer un déballage de boite... si c'est pas suivie de la vidéo du montage

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ces videos "unboxing" sont exasperantes... faut qu'ils commencent a les vendre plus cheres, leurs cameras digitales. Zero interet...

J'avoue que je vois pas trop non plus a quoi elles servent ces vidéos "Unboxing" ??

A quoi ça sert de filmer un déballage de boite... si c'est pas suivie de la vidéo du montage

Mais bon ça n'enlève rien a ce magnifique 4x4 qu'est le D413.

Le miens est presque finit de monté, un vrais plaisir.

Vivement que je puisse l'essayer sur ma piste.


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Le unboxing c'est le strip tease de la rc, il faut un supplément pour le montage..!:secret laugh:

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Peut on utiliser des jantes autres que les hotbodies dessus ( jconcept,aka,asso ect) et qui donne les même largeur de voies.


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Oui les losi pour le 22/4 avant et arriere sont totalement identiques

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Photo ci dessus:

Tessmann teste le châssis Alu Avid en ce moment

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Bjr a tous,

J'avoue que ce chassis me plait bcp,et j'hésite franchement a me l'offrir....

Est ce que des amateurs comme moi,peuvent me donner des retours interressants,je trouve pas grand chose sur la toile a son sujet


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Piloter un 4x4 n' est pas mon fort, mais j' ai essayé le d413 d' un collègue et la voiture est très homogène de boîte, vraiment un très bon ressenti.

En ligue 14, 5 pilotes roulent avec.

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Le miens est monté, c'est vraiment une belle voiture, comme souvent avec Hotbodies ou HPI.

Mais j'ai pas encore eu le temps d'installé l'électronique.

Donc je dois encore attendre un peut pour voir ce qu'elle donne au niveau pilotage.

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moi je dirait que niveau look ça sort de l ordinaire et moi j adore après on aime ou pas.

le comportement est très sain,l entretien facile et accessible et surtout c'est très solide.

le buggy se comporte tres bien sur toutes les surfaces,j ai pu tester sur herbe,astro et terre la voiture est facile

ce week end je teste sur moquette.

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JConcepts Silencer D413 Body


JConcepts, out to Silence the competition, debuts new Silencer body design for Hot Bodies D413 vehicle.

The JConcepts design team has spent many hours in development with leading team drivers to develop a new high-speed style body, specifically for the latest circuits. One of the most recognizable items, the Silencer body style, has now been designed for perfect fit and finish on the Hot Bodies D413 buggy.

A brand-new, ground up design, the Silencer, has new elements created for the highest speed circuits. A profiled, Finnisher stance cockpit and forward raised side-pod gives the Silencer an immediate fighting appearance. A smooth, high-speed transition around the cab, keeps the Silencer heading in the right direction. A slight recess just behind the cab with channeling out through the rear provides rear-end stability. The Silencer side-pods follow the slim chassis line, narrowing the rear by angling in, just in front of the rear tires. The rear-end cuts sharply just in front of the rear shock minimizing the gaps. Openings in the front of the body allow for plenty of air-in access while the rear-end has a large openings for air-escape.

The main pods are lightly chamfered front to rear allowing plenty of paint and decal access. The end result has the body looking extremely low-profile with heavy JConcepts edginess and appeal. The Silencer is capped off with a cock-pit “shark fin” for more high-speed tracking stability and increased roof stiffness. The body includes a separate nose-cone to attach and install as one unit. The package includes two, 6.5” Hi-Clearance wings pre-marked for the Hot Bodies D413 for the easiest application.


· JConcepts Silencer styling

· Forward cab bias, dual channeling rear escape

· Slim side-pods, follow chassis shape

· Cock-pit “shark fin” for added stability

· Separate front nose-cone

· Clear polycarbonate with protective film

· Includes two, 6.5” Hi-Clearance wings

· Includes window mask and decal sheet




Silencer – Hot Bodies D413 body

Part# 0261

JConcepts – 6.5″ Hi-Clearance wing

Part# 0143

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Hot Bodies D413 Stretch Chassis Set


Schelle is accepting pre-orders for the new D413 Stretch Chassis Set. After watching the D413 in the hands of several locals as well as Schelle team drivers, the ROAR Champion car received great reviews and praise. The keen eye of chief engineer Kurt Wenger observed that a lengthened wheelbase could improve the car even more. The D413 in kit chassis length pitches very quickly front to rear when entering and exiting turns. Drivers are also aware that in shorty configuration the D413 can struggle with exaggerated throttle response in the air.

The +4mm longer wheelbase of the stretch chassis gives the car a longer footprint, reducing the pitching weight transfer that can cause the car to “3 wheel” and pick up a rear tire in the turns. Also in the air, the car with the longer chassis is less sensitive. All in all, test drivers reported that the car was easier to control and drive hard without getting upset on braking, turn-in, or corner exit. Jumping landings into turns are easier to control as well.

In addition, on medium to large tracks, drivers will see more consistent lap times as the longer wheelbase is smoother and more stable in high-speed sweepers. The Schelle chassis set will be an advantage for larger track sizes and as grip increases (grooved, carpet, and sugar). The chassis is offered in premium carbon fiber material to keep the running weight near 1700 grams to take advantage of the lightweight “shorty” configuration.

The Schelle D413 Stretch Chassis kit is designed to fit kit and aftermarket bodies and body mount holes, with only slight trimming needed on the nose cone.

D413 Stretch Chassis Set:

1. +4mm extended length with +4mm Front Top Deck.

2. Premium 2.5mm Carbon Fiber, CNC routed, made in the USA.

3. Fits all kit and aftermarket D413 bodies.

4. Schelle D413 Chassis Protector (by UpGrade RC) included

5. Includes chassis, front top deck, instruction, chassis protector, O-ring dogbone spacers, Schelle mini decal.

SCH1100 D413 Stretch Chassis Set



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Voilà mon D413





Premier essais le week-end dernier a la Coupe des Champions.

Je ne me suis régalé a roulé avec. Cette voiture est très agréable a piloter et super solide en plus.

Vivement les premiers essais sur la terre maintenant.


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D413 Hard-Anodized Aluminum Chassis Set



Product Overview

The Hot Bodies D413 Aluminum chassis by AVID is born from a winning pedigree, our IFMAR World Champion winning B44.2 aluminum chassis. We took what we had learned from that and refined the design by lowering the ballast weight even more into the chassis, oversized chamfers on the bottom corners for increased stability during those inevitable chassis dragging moments, and an optional floating servo mount that allows the chassis to twist equally left to right.

D413 Hard-Anodized Aluminum Chassis Set Features

  • 7075-T6 Aluminum chassis, Hard-Anodized for longevity, CNC machined and pocketed.
  • Hard Anodized and laser etched with AVID logo.
  • Low CG Ballast Weight System that simplifies the process of adjusting your weight bias*.
  • Rigid platform provides Avid racers with a more responsive vehicle.
  • Chamfers are oversized on the bottom corners to aid the car in maintaining control during those inevitable chassis dragging moments.
  • Optional Floating Servo Mount lets the chassis articulate equally left and right. Can be mounted on both servo locations.
  • Weight increase is 57g over the kit carbon fiber chassis however it lowers CG and removes the need for additional added weight up high on the chassis.
  • Carbon fiber battery stop puck that keeps the battery out of the drivetrains way.
  • Upgrade RC Chassis Protector
  • Set comes with chassis, 1 Delrin ballast weight, 1 Aluminum ballast weight, 1 Carbon fiber battery stop, 1 Upgrade RC chassis protector, 1 AVID decal. *additional Delrin (3g), Aluminum (7g), or Brass (21g) inserts sold separately for more tuning options.


D413 Floating Servo Mount



Product Overview

The D413 Floating Servo Mount is an optional product for our Hard-Anodized Aluminum Chassis. Traditional servo mounting in 4wd cars is done by mounting the servo to the chassis with two mounts that offest the servo to a particalr side of the car due to the drive train using all the center real-estate. Your vehicle will twist around its center line axis during cornering which means the most twisting takes place the further away from the center of your car. So what does this have to do with your servo you might ask? With the dual mounts and offset location, your servo is acting as a chassis brace which doesn't allow the chassis to absorb the energy (twist) as easily as the other side. And luckily some very smart people in the on-road community recognized this and innovated the floating servo mount that acts as crane of sorts to swing your servo out from the center of the car while securely holding it just above the chassis so it can freely twist the night away if it wants on both sides.


(1) Floating Servo Mount

(3) Steel M3x5 FH Screws

D413 Chassis Protector



D413 Ballast Weight | Brass (21g)

SKU: AV1046-W-BR


D413 Ballast Weight | Aluminum (7g)

SKU: AV1046-W-AL


D413 Ballast Weight | Delrin (3g)

SKU: AV1046-W-DE


Product Overview

Our D413 Hard-Anodized Aluminum Chassis Set is designed with a low CG focused ballast weight system that simplifys the process of adjusting your weight bias and stability of your car. The system offers a front and rear mounting location where you may adjust the balance of your car by a range of different weights.

D413 Hard-Anodized Aluminum Chassis

SKU: AV1046-C


D413 Carbon Battery Stop Puck



Product Overview

The D413 Carbon Battery Stop Puck is included in our D413 Aluminum Chassis Set and is used to prevent a shorty battery from hitting the drivetrain.


(1) Carbon Fiber Puck

(1) M3 Black Steel Nylon Lock Nut

(1) Steel M3x10 FH Screw

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Increase the reliability of your D413 with this set of hard anodized aluminum shock caps for the HB big bore 1/10 scale off-road shocks.

You will be able to choose between bladder style or emulsion style when assembling your shocks.

Each set includes:

  • 2 hard anodized aluminum shock caps with bleeder holes and bleeder screws
  • 2 shock bladders
  • 2 aluminum shock standoffs with plastic bushings
  • Mounting hardware (steel bolts, locknuts and orange-anodized aluminum washers)

2 sets are required to fully outfit your D413 with these parts.


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D413 Stretch Chassis Protector

D413 Stretch Schelle Chassis Protector is an authentic product printed by UpGrade RC. Made in the USA from the highest quality vinyl materials.

Also fit D413 kit chassis, main chassis shape is the same, requires minor trimming on front edges. We recommend installing the skin by lining up the front outer corners of the chassis (near the servo) as your reference.


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Le mien quelque peu tuné et avec une carrosserie inspiré par Rey Mysterio, lucha libre style!mini_848128IMAG0474.jpgimg]<img src=<a  href=%7Boption%7D' alt='mini_468065IMAG0480.jpg'>

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Sleek low profile bulkhead cap for the D413. Includes 4- M3 CSK screws that insures the bulkheads are lined up straight thanks to the countersunk holes in the heavy duty alloy bulkhead cap and the alloy construction offers increased heat dissipation. Uses common hardware so that center gear acces only requires a 2mm wrench to save time.

Machined, polished and anodized in factory orange.




Replacement 68 delrin machined spur gear for Exotek spur set #1497. Engraved with 68 on the side.

Smaller than stock for use in stock spec type classes.



New heavy duty machined spur gear with alloy mounting plate for the HPI D413. The much stronger machined delrin spur gear does not flex like the stock spur gear so will reduce stripped gears. Includes the machined 7075 mounting plate. The 2 piece design makes for easier spur gear changes- you do not have to open the gear diff and remove outdrives with our 2 piece design.

The alloy mounting plate also provides cooling of the diff fluid for more consistent diff action.

A 72 spur gear is included. We also offer a spare 68 tooth spur gear separately for stock spec class gearing.

Includes alloy steel hardware.





Precision machined alloy rear clamping 12mm hex set for the HPI D413! Replaces the stock floating pin hex design.

Machined and anodized in factory orange and matches the stock geometry.

Includes 1.6mm hard steel pins and 2mm screws.




Heavy duty machined 7075 alloy steering rack for the HPI D413. Designed for use with ball bearings for the smoothest and most precise operation. Includes 4 ball bearings, 2 shims and hardware. Polished and anodized in factory orange.

The rack allows you to set the same bump steer and ackerman setting as the stock rack.





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