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New release about the Team Corally SP12SLX



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<title>Team Corally SP12SLX</title>


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<p align="center"><b><font color="#000000" size="3" face="Arial">- Team Corally SP12SLX -</font></b></p>

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<p align="center"><img src="/reglages/corally/setup/SLX/12SLX_Intro/12SLX_Logo.jpg" width="600" height="137" border="1"></p>

<p align="left"></p><font face="Arial" size="2"><blockquote> <font color="#000000"><br>


<li> <font color="#000000"> New chassis with length placed battery position.<br>


<li> <font color="#000000">Choice of 2 off-centre battery positions for preferred weight distribution and optimum balance.<br>


<li> <font color="#000000">1 chassis and 3 different front-ends to choose from: R4, R5 or AR.<br>


<li><font color="#000000">Conversion kits are available for 12SL owners.<br>


The NEW 12SLX and 12SLX AR use the proven 12SL ‘Side-Link’ rear suspension for easy setup and maximum stability. The new chassis allows 3 different front-ends to be mounted on: R4 (12SL), R5 (12SLX) or the Corally exclusive World Championship winning AR frontbeam (12SLX AR). This frontbeam is made out of ultra strong 7075T6 aluminium and can be used in combination with 3 different optional camber bars (1,0º, 1,5º and 2,0º). Thinner A-arm spacers (1.5 mm graphite) are available for use with R4 and R5 front ends to allow more precise front ride height setting.<br>




<blockquote> <font color="#000000">00062 CORALLY 12SLX 'SL Suspension & Length 1S-Lipo'<br>

00063 CORALLY 12SLX AR 'SL Suspension, Length 1S-Lipo & AR Front'<br>

00062C CORALLY 12SL to 12SLX Conversion Kit<br>

00063C CORALLY 12SL to 12SLX AR Conversion Kit<br>

74707 12SLX Chassis – 2.4 mm Graphite<br>

74783 12SLX Rear Bodypost Plate – 2.4 mm Graphite<br>

74784 12SLX Centre Shock Support – 2.4 mm Graphite<br>

74818 12SLX AR Frontbeam – AL 7075T6<br>

75117 12SLX Camber bar 1,0º – Graphite<br>

75118 12SLX Camber bar 1,5º – Graphite<br>

75119 12SLX Camber bar 2,0º – Graphite<br>

75952 12SLX Front A-arm spacers – 1.5 mm Graphite (2 pcs)</font></blockquote>

<font color="#000000"><br>

Note: 00062 starts with R4 - eventually be replaced by R5 in January / February 2013.</font></blockquote>


<p align="center"><img src="/reglages/corally/setup/SLX/12SLX_Intro/1.jpg" width="800" height="418" border="1"></p>

<p align="center"><img src="/reglages/corally/setup/SLX/12SLX_Intro/2.jpg" width="800" height="518" border="1"></p>

<p align="center"><img src="/reglages/corally/setup/SLX/12SLX_Intro/3.jpg" width="800" height="356" border="1"></p>

<p align="center"><img src="/reglages/corally/setup/SLX/12SLX_Intro/4.jpg" width="800" height="240" border="1"></p>

<p align="center"></font></p>

<p align="center"><font color="#FF6600" face="Arial" size="2"><b><i>Source:</i></b></font></p>

<p align="center"><a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="/reglages/corally/Corally_Logo300.jpg"></a></p>

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