Team Associated B5, nouvelle plateforme 4x2

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Pour ceux qui ont optés pour le version de la transmission à plat, la fiche non remplie est disponible avec les fiches de B5/B5M


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Team Associated posted a few rare pix on their Facebook page of their newest mid-motor buggy, the B5M. These aren’t just any pix, however, these are pre-production shots of the buggy in SLA (or rapid-prototyping) form.

This procedure is similar to 3D printing. You create the part in a program like SolidWorks and then basically print it out. Companies use this procedure to test fit parts to make sure everything lines up correctly, there is no interference with other parts and to help them make any changes before the product goes into production.

Before rapid-prototyping, companies would design, send the file over to have a mold made (in this case, a mold for plastic parts), test the mold by injecting it with plastic and then getting the sample parts shipped back to them. They would then measure, test fit and correct any issues to the file, send it back and have the mold modified. You can see how long this could take, not to mention to mention the money involved in making and modifying molds.

We’d like to thank Team Associated for putting these pix out there for everyone to see. I’d sure like to have a clear B5M … hint hint.

source competitionX




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j'aime beaucoup. il devrait sortir une mini serie en blanc avec un chassis, des amorto et une plaque moteur couleur or comme le premier rc10.

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Kurt "Coach" Wenger

Been doing a little testing with my OCRC Stock Nats setup on my Mod car, it works equally well. I have only run it on 2 layouts but I am encouraged. Last night I ran the gullwing B5M front end, which has previously been banished. After some thought and observation, it seems the gulls can work well on flowing tracks with lots of high speed rounded turns. The OCRC Stock Nats layout fits the bill, so I gave them a try and was pleased.

From my observation, the gull wing transitions less weight forward getting into the turns, it also rolls less side-to-side. This in general mellows out the steering and helps the car carve the turns instead of square them. It prevents scrubbing speed. I think it's suited to high-grip indoors, and sweeping turns. Tight S turns or switchbacks....this characteristic makes the car sluggish. I would make the flat arms your standard, 90% of the time you will run them. Just keep the gullwings in your box for that 1 in 10 time when you need them.

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rhoooooooooo je surkiffe la chose

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When racing in classes where you can’t just bolt in more horsepower than the other guy, the only way to eke out a power advantage is to give the motor less work to do—less weight to accelerate and decelerate, less friction to overcome. The Factory Lite replaces the original B5M’s 4-gear transmission with a 3-gear version to achieve both ends. On the weight-savings front, the mass of an idler gear, shaft, and two bearings are eliminated. Removing the idler also takes a mesh point out of the gearbox, so there’s less rolling resistance. More weight is shaved by replacing the Team Kit’s steel top shaft with Associated’s aluminum V2 version, and the shaft spins on smaller-diameter bearings to trim a few more grams and reduce friction. The most visually noticeable weight-saving measure is the motor plate, which shows off heavy machining to remove noncritical material.

In addition to its weight- and friction-reducing benefits, the 3-gear transmission also has an effect on chassis tuning. To achieve the proper rotation direction, the motor is mounted with its output shaft pointing to the car’s right side, instead of to the left as in the B5M Team Kit. This means the force of the motor’s torque is applied in the opposite direction of the 4-gear setup. Instead of contributing to chassis squat like the 4-gear transmission, the 3-gear setup counteracts the tendency for the chassis to squat under acceleration and dive when decelerating or braking. That leads to a “flatter” chassis, and can make for faster laps on high-grip tracks.

The 3-Gear Option

If you’re racing in 17.5 class, you already know that eliminating drag and weight is an important part of getting the most from the limited horsepower the class allows. With that in mind, Associated offers a 3-gear mid-motor transmission to fit the B5M and T5M. Eliminating an idler gear means there’s one less gear mesh applying drag to the drivetrain, and the weight of a gear, two bearings, and a shaft are trimmed from the truck.

There’s also another effect; the 3-gear transmission holds the motor so its output shaft points to the right side of the car, instead of to the left as with the 4-gear transmission. This means the force of the motor’s torque is applied in the opposite direction of the four-gear setup. In the case of the 3-gear transmission, motor torque counteracts the tendency for the chassis to squat under acceleration and dive when decelerating or braking. That leads to a “flatter” chassis, and can make for faster laps on high-grip tracks. So even if you’re racing mod, the 3-gear transmission is worth a look as a tuning aid—and reduced weight and drag never hurts.

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JConcepts B5M Aluminum Wing Mount

The rear wing mount of the Team Associated B5M vehicle is under a serious load during crashes and inevitable direct landings. JConcepts has beefed up the wing mount area with the introduction of the aluminum mounts specifically designed for B5M vehicle. CNC-machined aluminum, available in blue and black color, these mounts are designed in a creative but functional way to add rigidity to a high-impact area. A direct bolt-on part to the popular AE vehicle adds security, high-end looks and peace of mind for the hard-core basher and racer.

Securing the wing to the mounts is made easy with the included Finnisher style aluminum wing buttons which accept a 3mm flat head screw (not included). The use of these parts in conjunction with the (not included) #2357 aluminum wing shim adds durability and a direct clamp to the assembly. The added boss on the wing mounts aligns the pre-cut #0145 B5M Hi-Clearance wing perfectly for a show quality look, fit and finish.


· CNC-machined, aluminum

· Heavy-duty, peace of mind performance

· Blue or black anodized with chamfered silver edging

· Finnisher aluminum wing buttons included

· Laser engraved JC logos

JConcepts – B5M, aluminum wing mounts – blue

Part# 2356-1


JConcepts – B5M, aluminum wing mounts – black

Part# 2356-2


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JConcepts has the steering system on the B5, B5M, T5M and SC5M covered with an all new light-weight, aluminum steering rack. The rack is CNC-machined and replaces the stock plastic piece, the steering rack by JConcepts comes in a blue or black anodized finish and sports machined chamfered silver edges and engraved logo. The aluminum, light-weight assembly provides a more rigid steering system with increased steering feel and response.

The rack includes 2 thin crush tubes (black) which should be placed in between the bearings in the rack. During assembly it is important to align the crush tubes into place and while securing the parts together, always use a light amount of thread locking compound on any thread which assembles into aluminum.


· CNC Machined

· Light-weight, rigid steering feel and response

· Anodized with chamfered silver edging

· Blue or black color options

· Laser engraved logo

JConcepts – RC10B5 | B5M | T5M | SC5M, aluminum steering rack – blue

Part# 2352-1

(Fits – Team Associated B5, B5M and T5M)


JConcepts – RC10B5 | B5M | T5M | SC5M, aluminum steering rack – black

Part# 2352-2

(Fits – Team Associated B5, B5M and T5M)


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Being unable to keep cool our brain, and In front of the success and performance of our Redworshop B5 LowRider exclusive design. We just achieve and start testing our next evolution to the maximum performance. The LowRid3r concept feature the same weight distribution and motor position as the LowRider 4 gears, but with a reversed motor position to improve handling by taking advantage of the motor rotating torque. This new design conserves the original and patented articuled water fall concept , and can be plugged directly in place of a LowRider 4 gears transmission set.






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In touring car range it is quite normal for a long time to coordinate the handling of the car through the use of various bodies because the aerodynamics represent a non-negligible factor in the achievable speeds. Also in the offroad segment different bodies are available for many models, which are in this country at least experienced in club races rarely drivers who have several different cover as reconciliation option in the box. For my last buggies, the Yokomo B-Max 2 and the VBC Firebolt DM, the range of accessories was more manageable, for the Team Associated B5M to which I switched recently, things look quite different. To remove the readers of RC News testing, I have next to the usual bodies available on the German market still swollen a little more exotic body of Team Azarashi to the following question to get to the bottom: You notice a difference between the different, but rather small Buggy lids?

First, an overview of the various bodies, their weight in the painted state and the delivery. The weights of the bodies that I have tested on artificial grass, lie a few grams over what is likely to expect the user of a conventional B5M. On artificial turf carpet and I take the Redworkshop low-rider conversion kit, so soft, the cut edges of these bodies from the regular a little off. About the aesthetics of the individual designs to debate could certainly admirably, as it here but should only go to the driving behavior of Lexanhauben, I leave it in a 'it should work for almost every thing to be there'.


JConcepts Finnisher (0281)

Delivery body, masking, stickers, 2 wings (6.5 "Hi-Clearance)

Weight 39 g (cutting edge Low-Rider)

Tested MAC Eifel Elos e. V. (sandy artificial turf), panic Team Trosidorf e. V. (grippy artificial turf)


JConcepts Silencer (0273)

Delivery body, masking, stickers, 2 wings (6.5 "Hi-Clearance)

Weight 38 g (cutting edge Low-Rider)

Tested MAC Eifel Elos e. V. (sandy artificial turf), panic Team Trosidorf e. V. (grippy artificial turf)

Round 1

The first tests took place in the context of preparations for the 3rd run of the NRW Offroad Cup 2015 the sandy artificial turf track of MAC Eifel Elos e. V. in Hellenthal instead. The grip on the small but excellent track true a little streaky because of weather conditions: After a rain, the track was predictable because of the sand fraction was moistened. After the sun had dried the next green, the narrow and twisty track was even more demanding, because the front wheels were caught up in too much gas attack ever from the rear wheels. It was found in direct comparison the silencers from their lively side: the vehicle at all times spoke spontaneously to steering commands, but was always under control.

The Finnisher, also made by JConcepts, initially gave me more confidence because of B5M was noticeably quiet with her. However, the thing had literally a hook, because the car hooked occasional unannounced and the rear swerved, comparable to a stall in a Formula 1 car. For the distance in Hellenthal thus the silencers had proven to be a favorite for me in spite of my purely aesthetic preference of Finnisher body.

Another test found in Hellenthal with the Low Rider under different circumstances instead, should be called as part of the LRP-Offroad-Challenge with the non-optimal for the underground LRP VTEC tires. Except for a slightly schwammigeres driveability that was due to the control tire, the impression of the 3rd round of the NRW Offroad Cup 2015 confirmed.

The next exit was part of the training for the 4th race in Troisdorf. The renovated and significantly enlarged train characterized by a meticulously prepared, level ground, demanding jump combinations and harassment and not least very good grip. The ride is through the preliminary work of the route at any time Bauer predictable, depriving the pilot of any basis for excuses. On the technical route which Finnisher conspicuous by stable handling in fast road sections such as the elongated chicane before climbing the infamous tree which has clearly lost before the first conversion portion on terror compared to the years. With fresh tires front and rear, the Low Rider was aggressive thrash around the course, it was a real pleasure. With betagteren Training tires the car was understeering stronger, which could be largely eliminated by a body but change. The silencers of B5M conversion was again a bit more lively, but the faster laps were clearly possible with fresh tires and the Finnisher.


Pro-Line Phantom (3429-00)

Delivery body, masking, stickers, 1 Wing (Trifecta), Finn, fastening material

Weight 40 g (with fin)

Tested RCRT Duisburg e. V. (very slippery clay), panic Team Trosidorf e. V. (grippy artificial turf)


Team Associated RC10B5M body, clear (91538)

Delivery body, masking

Weight 34 g

Tested RCRT Duisburg e. V. (very slippery clay), panic Team Trosidorf e. V. (grippy artificial turf)


Team Azarashi Lepter (AZ-0045)

Delivery body, masking, stickers, Velcro

Weight 23 g (!)

Tested MAC Eifel Elos e. V. (sandy artificial turf), panic Team Trosidorf e. V. (grippy artificial turf)

Visually the bodies differ widely: The modular chassis, which is also manufactured by Pro-Line for Team Associated, reminiscent of the early Bulldog models that Finnisher and the Phantom have an even more pronounced cab, while the cockpit at the silencers and the Lepter counter-cab-forward trends fails or less is further moved to the center. Of these, one expects a more neutral handling.

This should be confirmed in testing under the LRP Offroad Challenge run on the unfinished track of RCRT-Duisburg e. V.. The still very uneven and extremely slippery track had enormous in itself. Central and rear engine vehicles had in various passages of their advantages and disadvantages, with the first two places at the end of the day at mid-engine buggies went (Place 1 Andreashütte Pohl / VBC Firebolt DM, place 2 Markus Schmidt / B5M / Infinity chassis, place 3 Markus Kick DEX210 RM).

In the extreme conditions on the south ring turned to me quickly the team Azarashi Lepter ideal out what is likely to be due to both the lower center of gravity and the less aggressive styling. As expected, also quite good standard mobile body between the Lepter and clearly for my taste on this route aggressive Pro-Line ordered a Phantom. Team Associated has therefore done its homework and set the B5M a good compromise for most tracks with in the crate.

The 4th round of the NRW-off-Cups when panic Team Troisdorf e. V. I went to the B5M Low Rider, however, was able to win Richard Easter as a test driver for the "normal" cut bodies also undergo a test on rough ground to can. The impression gained on the Duisburg clay was confirmed, with the more aggressive steering characteristics the Phantom was recorded significantly more positive in connection with the stabilizing fin. The modular body was OK as usual, with no particular stand out. The good-natured team Azarashi Lepter bribed by its low center of gravity, making the B5M much less inclined to the compared to training Thursday once more grip for tilting train.


To the Lepter wean the places perceived understeer, I pushed Richard ado the middle part of the LMR Avior-wing in hand to erect to stick him behind the shock tower to the body. As I gathered the driving image and bounce of B5M and Richards facial features, the experiment went one hundred percent: The car tended nor to tilt as before but turned much more quickly around the corner. Late in the afternoon Richard the Phantom wanted to again give a chance, and after a few set-up changes we went forward, so that the body remained all day Sunday on on the car. The car was good steering response, would have to Richards opinion in the debriefing but still can act a little more light-footed - which easily could have been accomplished by removing the Finn.


With various bodies can influence the driving behavior to a considerable extent even with buggies in 1:10 scale. In combination with different front and rear wings can tune the car perfectly to his requirements, because not only the suspension settings should be paid attention. Depending on driving style and route it may therefore well be worthwhile to lie except the neutral body kit, one or two additional cover in the box.

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X-Factory Infinity chassis for the Team Associated B5M in Test


The small company X-Factory has long been an integral part in the RC scene. True to the motto "Do the Math" included Charles "Chazz" and Paul Sinclair end of 2004, two and three X the Team Losi XX-4 buggies and XXX-4 together and created the X-5, which the excellent chassis of the XX 4 merged with the then-contemporary design of the level for routes built, unloved by many successor. The next major breakthrough came with the X-6, which, inter alia Hupo Hönigl and Ellis Stafford have won numerous championships. The X-6 made from the dominant buggy over the past decade, the Team Associated RC10B4, the first for the competition devised, mass-produced mid-engined Buggy. Unlike the younger Centro conversion of X-6 was not built primarily for systems with extremely much grip, but should also work on conventional Lehmstrecken. Slowly but surely, more and more drivers from the belief come from that on slippery ground only a rear-engined Buggy can function, which is without question one of the achievements of the Sinclair family. Not for nothing is the current slogan, "We made mid-engine work!" - We have managed to make mid-engined cars work!

In order to develop ambitious, but economically less attractive projects such as the 4WD Buggy X-7, was the product range Infinity by X-Factory introduced in the summer of 2014 to create the production of tuning parts for vehicles of other manufacturers another mainstay. Meanwhile, shock towers, battery holder, wishbone braces and just looked at the carbon fiber chassis are available.

Looking at the development in the 1/10-buggies, so many things seem to go round in circles: experienced with the introduction of the TLR 22 massive aluminum plates a Renaissance, so the opinions about their suitability often go apart. On the one hand bring these light metal plates the weight low, are robust, can be used in conjunction with a front panel made of plastic manufactured inexpensively and by appropriate cutouts not too rigid to work on Lehmstrecken, but then lies dormant, the risk that the plates permanently distort and affect driveability, without the driver the cause can recognize. In a plastic or carbon fiber chassis, this danger does not exist if broken, then broken.

In line with this philosophy X-Factory has always used only plastic or carbon fiber chassis, lately, the focus is clearly placed on carbon. Similar to aluminum, this material offers the possibility of influencing the flexibility of the chassis by strategically selected cutouts. If does not reach a equipped with the Infinity chassis B5M to the fully-designed overall package of the X-6 Cubed loud X-Factory, expected to result through the flexible material considerably more grip on slippery surfaces.


The package includes in addition to the chassis plate with a bag of nuts, bolts and metal sleeves, a brace for the front of the chassis, two large and small side panels, two X-Factory infinity stickers and a detailed conversion instructions in English. By adhering to the instructions, the conversion is extremely unspectacular vonstatten because all parts fit perfectly. Information on the effects of different settings in vain, as a rough estimate, however, be noted that one further achieved by loosening the rear screw or omission or mounting the front cross brace up more flexibility and therefore more grip.


At the end of the manual to indicate to a weight saving of about 70 grams, which I have not checked. In race trim for the LRP Offroad Challenge my car LRP Spin Super, Shorty battery, V2 slipper and two heavy wishbone holders made of brass on the rear axle commuted with the lightweight team Azarashi-body, low-profile power, at 1512 grams one, by no means to be despised. If, in addition, titanium bolts, an aluminum main shaft and the MIP Puck Drive differential, should be able to fall below the official weight specifications effortlessly.

Since I've never been a weight fanatics, I was much more excited about the lower torsional stiffness and the resultant driving performance on slippery tracks. The Südring is still under reconstruction would provide ideal conditions for a corresponding test drive, and so it went on 14 May to RCRT Duisburg eV, the organizers of this year's LOC-DM. For the basic setup I oriented myself to the recommendations for slippery tracks from the Australian Team Associated-driver Ray Munday, which was specially developed for the B5M Set-up Guide. Since the Australian routes to Europe more similar than the ironed and treated down to the last US-tracks should be to use the drawn up on the other side of the planet during our latitudes well.


According to the area of ​​use, the rear part of the chassis was built as flexible as possible at the beginning. In order to keep the adjustment even when loosened nuts to stress, I put at the top with a pair of used O-rings from the junk box. The underside of the chassis has been protected by the proven chassis Armor of epic1Designs against deceitful stones. On the chassis top, I mounted with double-sided tape a few Lexanwinkel with Velcro as a provisional body mounts to secure the various bodies set up during the race day safely. At the back of the carbon frame while loops are provided for attachment, but these fit not to the existing holes in my cars.


The route presented itself objectively from a less beautiful side. As the weather had not always played, the team of RCRT Duisburg eV the extensive construction work was not able to finish in time for the race, and so the ground was extremely uneven and covered with a layer of dust and stones. That the planned jumps were missing, was the pilot of 2WD vehicles have the slightest problem, the short-course racer with the conditions prescribed in the LRP Offroad Challenge tires were even more shaken than the slightly more motorized buggy drivers who with the JConcepts Goosebumps in the green mixture had a proper basis is available. However, the fun layout knew to convince, and so prevailed in the driver's cab, the good mood - except, a car was once again placed by an invisible stone roof.


(© Photo: Anja Fuhrmann / Flubber Digital Collection)

After from the different also tested that day the bodies Azarashi team had emerged Lepter than ideal, it went to the fine-tuning. Even though I had deliberately chosen the most good-natured body, I wanted a little more steering. Fortunately, agreed theory and practice, and I was by removing the front strut under the small battery holder post a good deal closer to the best possible driveability. A trial basis built Saddle Pack had to give way again, because although the car felt more comfortable, the two runs total half a minute each were slower than the ones I with Shorty battery graduated hatte.Nachdem changes to the damper oil, the suspension travel and the springs more had brought improvements, I put the chassis behind a little stiff, and was given the track conditions more than satisfied. Although I would not call myself a really fast driver, jumped at the end of the day out a second place for me, with the VBC Racing Firebolt DM had gone into the goal before me a mid-engined Buggy.


With the chassis from the Infinity range X-Factory is the experimental B5M owners a successful tuning possibility of the hand in order to adapt the car even on very slippery surfaces can. To get the most out of the chassis, should certainly some battery charges be necessary, but already in a relatively short time I was able to customize the vehicle perceptible to my needs. For drivers who can not adapt to the driving characteristics of a mid-engined Buggy their gas finger, also the excellent crafted carbon fiber chassis will not overturn the laws of physics, all others who do not shy away from the investment of just under $ 100, should definitely risk one way or another test drive ,

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warm up yatabe arena 2015

The Worlds warm-up race at the Yatabe Arena just over a week ago was won by pretty much stock out-of-the-box cars, Lee Martin’s 2WD-winning YZ2 and Naoto Matsukura’s new Kyosho ZX6 4WD fitted with the new HD option parts.

Team Associated chose however to race heavily modified B5M’s in the hands of designer Kody Numedhal (clearly the fastest man/car on the track – however bad luck kept him from the overall win), Carson Wernimont, Spencer Rivkin, Ryan Cavalieri, Steven Hartson and UK’s very own Neil Cragg completed the extensive driver lineup present for the event.

Although no photos were allowed with the body off, NeoBuggy’s eyes (& ears) on the ground witnessed a 3 gear machine tranny, new rear hubs and rear tower with a different geometry/roll center. The car looked easy to drive and only a few bobbles and bad luck prevented Numedhal to take the 2wd win. Pretty impressive stuff.




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#15080 MIP 17.5 Eco All-in-1 Topshaft, All AE B5/T5



MIP introduces the ultimate top shaft for the AE vehicle line, the MIP 17.5 Eco All-in-1 Topshaft! Why is it called “All-in-1”? Well because it works with the original 3-gear rear motor, 4-gear mid motor, 4-gear V2 mid motor, 3 gear mid motor, and the MIP Box! How is this possible you may ask, well with a little bit of creativity and some awesome engineering we were able to fit the necessary bearing sizes on one top shaft. Along with the 5-in-1 capability the contact surface is 30% narrower than normal, equating to less overall drag/contact patch on the idler gear. If that isn’t enough, the All-in-1 Topshaft is the lightest on the market today coming in at a feather light 3.8 grams! So to reiterate, you get a top shaft that will work with any one of the transmissions on the market, a Topshaft that has less contact area meaning less overall drag, and a Topshaft that has less rotating mass than anything on the market today. Time to get what your 17.5 stock car needs; an MIP 17.5 Eco All-in-1 Topshaft!!!



AE 2WD RC10 B5, T5M, SC5M Generations Vehicles


Less overall drag

Lightest Topshaft on the market

Allows user to push the vehicle harder


7075-T6 Hard Anodized Aluminum

100% Made in the USA!


MIP 17.5 Eco Top shaft


2.0mm Allen Key - (Suggest #9008 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 2.0mm)


Team Associated RC10T5M Team Kit (#70001), RC10SC5M (#70006), RC10B5 (#90001), RC10B5M (#90003), RC10B5M Factory Lite (#90000)

Engine Cases:

3-gear mid-motor (AE # 91607)

4-gear V2 mid-motor (AE # 91552)

3-gear rear motor and 4-gear mid-motor (AE# 91424 & AE#91530 – You need to purchase #99097 HW-Bearing, to fit the 5mm I.D. gear end shaft)


#99097 HW-Bearing, 5x12x4mm (1)




Serial Number:1518

Machined, polished and anodized alloy +5 off set spring perch set for Associated B5, B5M and B44 big bore shocks. Extra milling for a lightweight design with reinforced strength of cnc cut aluminum and a snug fit to reduce the chance of losing a perch. Milled holes also help reduce debris from collecting inside.

Direct fit on the B5, B5M and B44.3

Set of 4.




Serial Number:1519

Machined, polished and anodized alloy +9 off set spring perch set for Associated T5M big bore shocks. Extra milling for a lightweight design with reinforced strength of cnc cut aluminum and a snug fit to reduce the chance of losing a perch. Milled holes also help reduce debris from collecting inside.

Direct fit on the T5M!

Set of 4.



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Sneak peak of the Offset Motor Topshaft Set for B5M and T5M....shift that motor over 3mm with our new long aluminum V2 topshaft.

This set is for racers running a lightweight Nova slipper, Lockout, and CNC lightened motor plate. When you run these lightweight items, you can shift the motor weight closer to the car centerline for better balance and more symmetric left/right turning.

Part number is SCH1099.

More info coming soon.


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MIP Eco All-In-1 Box Set, AE B5M, T5M Trans #14300



The MIP Box Set has been upgraded to the MIP Eco All-In-1 Box Set, to incorporate all AE and MIP Top shafts for the B5M and T5M platforms, MIP was also able to shave over 10% of the gear box weight from the original box. This new 7075 Aluminum 3-gear transmission for the Team Associated B5M and T5M bridges that gap and gives your mid motor vehicle all the benefits of the rear motor car but less drag and more initial punch. Not only does the BOX eliminate one idler gear to equate to less drag but it’s all aluminum construct offers a huge advantage pertaining to more precise internal gear mesh, less overall heat, and stiffer bracing. Check out all the competitive advantages below to solidify why the BOX is the ultimate 3-gear transmission for your AE B5M & T5M!


Team Associated B5M & T5M Owners


· Machined cases offer higher precision which optimizes gear mesh and efficiency when compared to molded plastic cases

· Aluminum construct acts as a giant heat sink which will cool the motor offering more consistent power due to reduced fade (less heat more power).

· Aluminum construct will offer stiffer bracing over plastic OEM case.

· Aluminum 3-gear MIP Transmission package is relatively the same overall weight as OEM 4-gear transmission. This will keep the weight distribution the same as what the car was designed to have. (MIP BOX 5.5 grams heavier)

· Motor offset 3mm to the right to optimize left to right weight distribution and balance (small spacer and new spring provided to accommodate this feature)

· Less drag than a four gear transmission design (one less idler gear).

· Can incorporate 5mm or 6 mm I.D. bearings

· 50% lighter gear cover over stock

· 7075 Aluminum

· Made 100% in the USA

Race Proven

- TQ/1st CRCRC Midwest Champs 2015 Stock Buggy

- TQ/1st JC Nationals RC Excitement 2014


100% Made in the USA


MIP Confetti Sticker (2), MIP Inst. Sheet Box Set (1), Spring Slipper Spring (1), MIP Bearing, 5x12x4mm (1), MIP Top Shaft Spacer 4mmx6mmx3mm (1), MIP Bearing Support Ring (1), .125 x .187 x .031 Nylon Washer (2), MIP Gear Cover Cap Plug 7/16” (1), MIP 3 Gear Box Cover (1), MIP 3 Gear Box Right (1), MIP 3 Gear Box Left (1), MIP 3 Gear Motor Plate (1)


2.0mm Allen Key- (Suggest - #9008 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 2.0mm)

Stock Team Associated idler gear, diff gear, and either stock or aftermarket aluminum Top shaft (Suggest - #15080 MIP 17.5 Eco All-In-1 Topshaft, All AE B5/T5M).


RC10B5M Team Kit - #90003, Factory Lite - #90000 (replaces Gear Box #91530, #91607, #91552, #91424), RC10T5M Truck Kit #70001


#14301 MIP Box Gear Cover, AE B5M Trans

#14302 MIP Box Motor Plate, Blue, AE B5M Trans (1)

#14303 MIP Box, Left, AE B5M Trans (1)

#14304 MIP Box, Right, AE B5M Trans (1)

#14305 MIP Eco All-In-1 Box Motor Plate, Black, AE B5M, T5M Trans (1)

#99085 HW-Washer, .125 x .187 x .031 Nylon (4)

#99093 HW-Plug, 7/16 Cap Plug (4)

#99094 HW-Spring, Slipper Spring (1)

#99095 HW-Spacer, 4mmx6mmx3mm Alum. Spacer (2)

#99097 HW-Bearing, 5x12x4mm (1)

#99098 HW-Bearing Support Ring, 10x12x2mm(1)





RDRP0265 - B5M/T5M/SC5M Carbon Battery Plate



The RDRP Glossy Carbon Fibre Battery Plate is a direct replacement for the standard composite part of the Team Associated B5M. The plate is cut from high-quality 3mm glossy finish carbon fibre material, light of weight yet very rigid to allow for a safe and secure battery mounting even when the going gets tough. The plate is usable with standard as well as most aftermarket battery thumb screws and it fits the T5M stadium and SC5M short course truck as well.


Designed to replace the kit's standard parts with better performing and more durable parts.


- Material: 3mm glossy finish carbon fibre

- Fits Team Associated B5M, T5M and SC5M


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B5M Offset V2 Topshaft Set


The Schelle Offset V2 Topshaft Set shifts the motor weight closer to car centerline on your B5M, Factory Lite, T5M, or SC5M. The set utilizes a 3mm extended hard-anodized aluminum topshaft, spacer tube, and 3mm carbon fiber motorplate spacer to shift the motorplate and slipper unit in the car.


  • Shift weight off of the motor side to balance your vehicle. Lightweight Nova slipper, motorplate recommended.
  • More stability and symmetric turning forces as the motor is closer to center.
  • Long +3mm Hard-Anodized Aluminum Topshaft and spacer tube.
  • 3mm Carbon Fiber motor plate spacer.
  • Longer M3x12mm motorplate mount screws included.
  • Fits any V2 3-gear or 4-gear gearbox on a B5M Factory Lite, T5M, or SC5M. Original B5M kits require the updated V2 gearbox case (# ASC91552).

Pro tip: Dremel your gear cover for some additional clearance when the driveshaft/shock is at full compression.


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B5M Inline Battery Brace


Allows you to run a shorty lipo inline on the AE B5M

Made of 2.5mm quasi-isotropic carbon fiber

Weight 4.9 grams


You must modify your B5M chassis to allow for inline mounting of a shorty lipo battery




B5M Carbon Fiber Battery Brace


Made of 2.5mm quasi-isotropic carbon fiber

Weight 6.0 grams



B5 Carbon Fiber Battery Brace


Made of 2.5mm quasi-isotropic carbon fiber

Weight 5.6 grams




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JConcepts – B5M, T5M, SC5M, 4 hole rear ball-stud mount


Extra beefy, security and precision are the best ways to describe the new 4-hole rear ball-stud mount for the Team Associated “M” line of vehicles. The rear ball-stud mount is under a tremendous amount of stress in today’s racing atmosphere and it is now heavy-duty thanks to JConcepts. After many months of testing and race tuning there are a couple advancements given to the new mount. First, for the high-end chassis tuners, the mount has 2 new additional holes for camber gain adjustment. The standard holes remain for the all important stock settings but the newly offered holes allow an in-between setting as well as an evenly spaced 4th hole all the way inside. In addition, the mount also features a setting which allows the racer to change the orientation of the mount to either -2mm or +2mm of inner ball-stud height.

The durability in this mounting area has been put to the test with difficult race circuits and especially with the introduction of the T5M and the pending release of the SC5M. JConcepts has added thickness around the screw mounting holes, thickened the main connection “U-brace” and for twisting and bending resistance added a thick rib from the main body to the screw location boss. When it comes to ball-stud mount with adjustability and durability, look no further than the JConcepts.


· CNC-machined, aluminum

· 2 Additional holes for performance tuning options

· Heavy-duty, peace of mind performance

· Blue or black anodized with chamfered silver edging

JConcepts – B5M, T5M, SC5M, 4 hole rear ball-stud mount – blue

Part# 2427-1


JConcepts – B5M, T5M, SC5M, 4 hole rear ball-stud mount – black

Part# 2427-2


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B5 / B5M / T5M Shock Kit


Product Overview

B5 / B5M / T5M Black Shock Kit includes everything needed to convert your complete vehicle over to our black aluminum parts. The kit includes 4 threaded shock collars that feature offset laser etched Avid logo's for ease of matching spring tension left and right in 1/4 turn increments as well as 4 shock bottom caps that are knurled with a silver highlight edging.


  • Collars have offset laser etching of the Avid logo for ease of matching spring tension left and right in 1/4 turn increments
  • Silver highlights for that bling appeal on both collars and shock bottoms caps
  • Standard internal oring design for holding collar in position
  • Each package includes 4 collars and internal orings, 4 shock bottom caps and orings, and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.
  • Fits: Shocks that use the VCS3 design which currently includes the B5, B5M, T5M, and SC5M




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JConcepts – 3-Gear Aluminum Motor Plate


Having available option parts for a popular vehicle makes the hobby more fun and interesting. JConcepts has rolled out a sweet looking replacement motor plate for the popular 3-gear transmission available for the B5M, T5M and SC5M vehicles. With the evolution of race tracks, high flying jumps are becoming the normal obstacle. It’s inevitable that a driver will have a miscue and challenge the rear-end durability of the vehicle. Your racing friends over at JConcepts have taken a lot into consideration while designing and developing a replacement motor plate.

Looking at the typical construction of the second operation processes on standard motor plates, it is easy to see why bending is sometimes an issue. The design team at JC have incorporated a honeycomb milling affect with placement more suited to surrounding geometry making the plate lightweight and very rigid in multiple directions. The honeycomb features add a 3D look especially as they remain natural aluminum while the rest is available black or blue in color. Slight chamfering on the 3mm thickness material allows the rather beefy plate to look quite skinny. Honeycomb it out with JConcepts.


· Precision machined aluminum

· Direct fit for 3-gear transmission

· Lightweight / durable honeycomb milling

· 3mm thickness material

· Chamfer highlight edging

· Available in blue and black colors

· Aesthetic jewelry


JConcepts – B5M, T5M, SC5M, 3-gear transmission, aluminum rear motor plate – honeycomb – blue

Part# 2428-1

(Fits – Team Associated B5M, T5M, SC5M)


JConcepts – B5M, T5M, SC5M, 3-gear transmission, aluminum rear motor plate – honeycomb – black

Part# 2428-2

(Fits – Team Associated B5M, T5M, SC5M)

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B5M / T5M / SC5M Chassis Brace With Fan Mounting

This is a chassis brace for the Team Associated B5M / T5M / SC5M. Use M3x12 screws for the top mount. Use M3x16 screws for the fan mount for a skinny fan (10mm). Use M3x20 screws for the fan mount for a thick fan (15mm). Stock screws are used for the bottom mount. All screws not included. The brace uses a standard 30mm fan.








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