Team Associated: 12mm "Big Bore" Shocks for the B4.1, B44.1, T4.1, SC10, and SC10GT

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Team Associated is proud to announce their new, highly anticipated 12mm "Big Bore" shocks! The shocks are precision CNC machined, hard anodized aluminum with aluminum shock caps, threaded collars and seal caps. These shocks have been tested and developed by Team Associated's top drivers to provide a plush and consistent feel for the 1:10 off-road fleet of Team Associated vehicles. Since their winning debut in prototype form at the 2012 Cactus Classic, the team has used them to win every major event in the US, including a dominating performance by Ryan Cavalieri at the ROAR 1:10 Off-Road Super Nationals in 2WD and 4WD Modified.

Features include:

  • 12mm hard anodized "Big Bore" threaded shock body
  • Titanium Nitride (TiN) 3mm shock shaft with stronger M3 threads
  • Black hard-anodized aluminum shock cap with bleeder screw
  • 12mm two-hole piston (1.5mm, 1.6mm and 1.7mm)
  • Shock shaft hat bushing guide ensures concentric shock shaft alignment
  • Optimized seal gland fit for smooth and consistent performance
  • Factory Team blue anodized aluminum seal gland cap
  • Factory Team blue anodized aluminum shock collar
  • Three spring cup heights (+0mm, +5mm, +9mm offset)
  • Includes mounting hardware and spacers
  • Springs sold separately

12mm "Big Bore" Springs for the B4.1, B44.1, T4.1, SC10 and SC10GT

Team Associated's new Factory Team 12mm springs offer top level quality and precision by design. Through rigorous testing our engineers found that a spring with more coils for a given spring rate improves rate tolerances, and proved to be better on the track. The springs are also black oxide coated to reduce corrosion without affecting rate tolerances. Available in two universal lengths. By using different offset spring cups, you can obtain your desired ride height on all platforms with the same front or rear springs (No more truck and buggy sizes).

Features include:

  • Precision wound and measured in the USA
  • High quality ASTM wire
  • Black oxide coating
  • Large diameter spring reduces buckling and spring rubbing
  • Unique universal front and rear springs
  • Fine spring rate increments (0.15lbs/in front, 0.10lbs/in rear)
  • Colored pre-cut shrink tubing for spring identification


#91314 12mm Shock Kit (B4, B44 front — all model versions)


#91315 12mm Shock Kit (SC10, T4 front — all model versions)


#91316 12mm Shock Kit (B4, B44, rear — all model versions)


#91317 12mm Shock Kit (SC10, T4, rear — all model versions)

Replacement Parts

Part No. Description

#91299 12 x 23 Threaded Shock Body

#91300 12 x 27.5 Threaded Shock Body

#91301 12 x 31 Threaded Shock Body

#91302 12 x 36 Threaded Shock Body

#91303 12mm Shock Cap

#91304 12mm Threaded Collar

#91305 21 x 3 TiN Shock Shaft

#91306 27.5 x 3 TiN Shock Shaft

#91307 35 x 3 TiN Shock Shaft

#91308 12mm Shock Piston

#91309 12mm Shock Rebuild Kit

#91310 12mm Shock Spring Cups

Spring Kits

Part No. Description

#91341 12mm Front Soft Spring Kit (3 pair)

#91342 12mm Front Medium Spring Kit (3 pair)

#91343 12mm Front Hard Spring Kit (3 pair)

#91344 12mm Rear Soft Spring Kit (3 pair)

#91345 12mm Rear Medium Spring Kit (3 pair)


Part No. Description

#91325 12mm Front Spring, brown, 2.85 lb

#91326 12mm Front Spring, black, 3.00 lb

#91327 12mm Front Spring, green, 3.15 lb

#91328 12mm Front Spring, white, 3.30 lb

#91329 12mm Front Spring, gray, 3.45 lb

#91330 12mm Front Spring, blue, 3.60 lb

#91331 12mm Front Spring, yellow, 3.75 lb

#91332 12mm Front Spring, red, 3.90 lb

#91333 12mm Front Spring, orange, 4.05 lb

#91334 12mm Front Spring, purple, 4.20 lb

#91335 12mm Rear Spring, black, 1.90 lb

#91336 12mm Rear Spring,green, 2.00 lb

#91337 12mm Rear Spring,white, 2.10 lb

#91338 12mm Rear Spring,gray, 2.20 lb

#91339 12mm Rear Spring,blue, 2.30 lb

#91340 12mm Rear Spring,yellow, 2.40 lb

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