Litemodz LM4-12

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c'est génial,c'est beau et bientôt on va scotcher l'accus sous la carro et plus sur le châssis

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* 2mm directional carbon fibre main chassis with revolutionary 'Torsional Ramping System' for less mid to front end deformation.

* Absolute chassis symmetry ensures identical left and right flex characteristics.

* Ultra Long 2mm directional Top deck with multi positional tuning points allowing the car to move from stiff to flexi where flex bias can be altered to suit track and tyre conditions.

* Rack style steering system giving more accurate ackermann progression through the steering arc for better control of the tyre.

* CVS HD Evo2 driveshafts eliminates steering chatter giving more traction and faster cornering speeds.

* Cam and lay shaft belt adjustment allows for symmetrical belt tension for equal front and rear drive.

* Full split block chassis located suspension anchor points for more traction.

* Rollcentre, Track width, Toe, Camber Length and height fully adjustable with near infinate possibilities for precise set up for all tyre, track and driving styles. The most adjustment available of any race car!

* Slider motor mount system.

* Front solid axle and rear Spec-R Geared Diff.

* 3MM Front and Rear Shock towers with 1.5mm adjustment points.

* 3rd Body post mounting on front shock tower for lightweight bodyshells.

* Selected use of Tamiya, Xray, Schumacher and Top photon plastic components for easy access to spare parts worldwide.

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