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Team Durango officially confirms their patent pending (GB1112236.3) gearbox design will appear on their soon-to-be-released 2WD stadium (DEST210R) and short course (DESC210R) trucks. This ability to tune the weight distribution and torque orientation without changing the suspension setup will be another Team Durango ‘first’ for these classes. The gearbox design allows the racer to tune their truck to any track type, and any condition.

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SPECS: Vehicle-

Length: 14.2" (360mm) mid, 14.5" (368) rear

Width: 12.8" (325mm)

Wheelbase: 11.7 - 12.0" (296 - 304mm)

Internal Gear Ratio: 2.6:1

Weight: 67oz (1900g)


Length: 16.9" (430mm)

Width: 6.7" (169mm)

Height: 4.4" (113mm)

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Team Durango expands their Race Ready RTR line today with the DEST210. This truck is packed with features like CVD driveshafts, hard-anodised, oil filled big bore shocks, and it can be configured for a mid or rear motor layout. Check out all the info in the press release below:

The DEST210 Race Ready RTR from Team Durango is an out-of-the box racing Stadium Truck. World Champions Team Durango are Serious About Racing and now, after months of development and testing, we are proud to bring you our Race Ready RTR 2WD off-road Stadium Truck. Complete with Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and 13.5 brushless motor from World Champions ‘Speed Passion’, Team Durango’s RTR DEST210 is ready to race, and win, from the moment you take it out of the box. Team Durango Race Ready RTR trucks are an ideal introduction into the amazing and exciting hobby of RC car racing. If you think you have what it takes to win, then the DEST210 Race Ready RTR is the truck for you!

Two years. From idea, through prototype to production; the DEX210 took two years to become a reality. A Team Durango car is born with a theory. That theory then becomes a hand-built prototype in our laboratory in Germany. Hours are spent, milling, drilling and machining bespoke parts. Days and weeks are taken to create and re-create parts, modifying them and then testing them. Then a handful of prototypes are made and race-tested by our team of international pro drivers. With their expert feedback we refine the design and create more prototypes. This cycle continues until we make the best possible car we can.

The unique Hybrid Design gearbox by Team Durango means that the DEST210 RTR is the only Stadium Truck available that can be configured to be mid- or rear-motor without the need to change suspension set-up or use another gearbox mould. It is also the only gearbox design that can use three or four gears to allow the motor to sit on the left- or right-hand side of the car. The DEST210 RTR is rear-motored out-of-the box, but optional parts are available to convert your DEST210 RTR to mid-motor configuration.

Team Durango has shown how fast and strong our oil-filled geared diffs can be. Made famous in our World Championship winning Pro-level spec 4WD racing buggy, the DEX410, Team Durango’s oil-filled geared diffs are robust, tuneable and easy to maintain.

Hard-anodised, oil-filled, shock absorber bodies made from machined alloy, with big bore coil-over springs let your DEST210 RTR soak-up all of the bumps and jumps on your race track. With optional Team Durango oils and springs, you can fine-tune your Big Bore shocks to suit any track surface and condition.

Just like the Pro-spec DEST210R kit, the DEST210 RTR has captured CVD (constant velocity drive) driveshafts, which means that the drive pins sit inside the ball-bearings. This greatly reduces the chances of mechanical failure which means you spend more time on the track, racing and winning!

Off-road trucks need a smooth power delivery to keep them stable under acceleration. By adjusting the slipper clutch, you can set the perfect amount of slip before the drivetrain engages the wheels. Whether your racing track is high-grip or low-grip, the dual pad slipper clutch can be adjusted to make driving the DEST210 RTR much easier.

Many top racers like composite material chassis, because these types of chassis have more flex, which makes the truck feel safer to drive. Designed by our team of race-winning engineers, and tested by our Pro Team drivers, the Team Durango Injection Moulded Engineering Composite chassis is perfect for the DEST210 RTR.

The front and rear geometry of the DEST210 RTR has been designed, tested and proven over many months. The Championship-winning design has proven to be successful in the hands of our Pro Team drivers and club racers all around the world. The geometry on the DEST210 RTR is the same as that on the DEST210R Stadium Truck kit.

With a few, selected optional items, your DEST210 RTR rear-motor Stadium Truck can be converted to a mid-motor truck in minutes. Why would you want to do this? Well, mid-motor RC vehicles are better on tight, high-traction surfaces. The DEST210 RTR is the only RTR truck in its class that can be converted from rear-motor to mid-motor (and back again) without the need to change the suspension set-up or gearbox mould.

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Part No: TD320149

This is the Team Durango Injection Moulded Engineering Compostie Chassis for the DEST210 model.

Also available is the stiffer TD320221 DIMEC20 chassis.




Part No: TD320221

The DIMEC20 chassis is made from a stiffer material when compared to the original TD320149 DIMEC chassis.

Testing carried out by our race team has shown that a stiffer chassis will give a more direct feeling when driving the model compared to the original DIMEC chassis. This can lead to faster times on the track in certain situations.

Our team have found the original DIMEC chassis is forgiving to drive and will work well in the low and mid temperature ranges. The stiffer DIMEC20 chassis has been shown to work particularly well in mid to high temperatures.



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Image 1



Serial Number: 1247

USA made 4mm thick quasi weave carbon fiber rear shock tower for the Durango DESC210 AND DEST210. Lightweight tower that is stronger than the stock plastic unit to insure maximum durability and reduced flex for better shock dampening.




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Heavy duty 4mm carbon fiber shock tower set with machined alloy camber link mounts. Much stiffer and stronger then the stock tower yet 4 grams lighter!

High grade genuine USA made carbon fiber.

Matches the stock geometry.





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Precision 15mm alloy hex set for your DESC210 or DESC410! Special design uses a set screw to lock the pesky axle pins in place for worry free wheel changes.

1 pair with 2.5mm set screw. Blue thread and .05" (1.3mm) hex wrench suggested.





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j'ai eu le DEST210R entre les mains, premiere impression, un flex de malade et la qualité....tout plastique!!!! rien d'exceptionnel !!!!! A voir sur piste glissante.... car sur moquette c'est pas la peine !!!

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