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R.I.P : Dez “Coca Cola” Chand

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Yesterday we are sadend by the news that Dez Chand Born: 23/01/1966 sadly lost his life in a Road Traffic Accident on 14/11/2011 aged only 46. Married with 2 children.

Dez was also known as ” Dez Coca Cola Chand “. Working as a Director for Deswa Ltd as a Freelance Photographer / Design Engineering Services.

Engineering to Order (Formerly Special Vehicles)

July 2011 to present

CAD Design Engineer.

Also working for ETO (Was Special Vehicles) Jaguar Land Rover CAD Design Engineer · Gaydon, Warwickshire

A little about Dez, ” The words are his own “

The more I ride my bike, the less I like cars. If only the bike industry paid as well as automotive…..

Mechanical Design engineer, Apprentice through to fully trained 3D CAD operator, always been a part time photographer but turned full time, became editor of a mag for while until I realised how much the web was kicking printed media’s arse, now back into engineering and photography where I belong. Now if I just worked for a motorcycle company instead of a car manufacturer I’d be complete.

It is a total shock and tradigy that we have lost such a great Husband, Father and Friend. Dez put a lot of time in to help others that needed it. He was always there if you wanted him. Very socialble, friendly, approcable and very outgoing.

Many people will know Dez from the RC Community. He was a regualar racer here at Coventry Model Car Club and we shall miss him so very much.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dez and his family right now and he will never be forgtton a true gentleman and credit to the world we live in today.



| Coca-Cola Truck ‘|”””;..,_.

|……______===|= _|__|…, ] |


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Un gars extra. Je le connaissais depuis le mondial moto 2006. Je le vois encore en papa attentionné avec ses deux minots... bref, fait *****.

RIP Dez.

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mes pensées vont pour sa famille.

comme bracame le dit, pour moi son nom est associé à l'essor de la moto RC, paix a son âme

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