BBY DGB4 4wd buggy

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BBY DGB4 4wd buggy

Those are the first off-body pics of our DGB4 4wd buggy ,using the dual 2wd transmission concept (Associated B4 transmissions in this case)

The motor sits near the center of the car with saddle packs hosted just after it front and rear. Due to the centralized mass and chassis stiffness ,the car responds to the steering inputs is a very direct and immediate manner - the most responsive 4wd buggy I have driven for sure.

Rear suspension components are Associated B4 but the whole rear suspension can be changed with the one used in the

BBY Q2 buggy if a more "safe" rear end is desired.

After a couple of local carpet events and some testing on dirt it that saw it's first major outdoor race ,in the European championships held in Pau ,France last week.

Front end is mostly custom with kyosho hubs used (the only front end parts that broke during our 3 day long event plus test session that followed after the event with drivers that placed higher than me in the final rankings ,on the wheel)

A stiffer rear shock tower, more flexible sidepods ,lighter front end and an added mini bumper were built and tested in the week following the Euros

A limited number of this ,mostly conversion kit ,will be made ,supported with parts and updates for life, so if you like it and want one PM me so that I can make my arrangements.People interested in racing a DGB4,contact me directly



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Here is a small video of the DGB4 testing after the 2011 1/10 EP Euros buggy event

Apologies for the background noises: the track crew had to take care of dismantling and storing a lot of equipment as well as cleaning up ,plus the French wine was already flowing in the background!

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Good job... Some very interresting ideas...

For me perhaps not enough carbon of course... :grin:

Stay us informed about evolutions and if you need help, please feel free to contact ALIEN Racing...

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