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"X" Ver. II shock bottom cap (with stepped collor) for B-MAX2



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Chassis: Yokomo BMax 2 MR

Motor: Yokomo 6.5

ESC: Yokomo

Batteries: Yokomo

Radio/Servo: Sanwa

Remarks: Winner of the second round of this EOS season in Berlin, Yokomo’s Japanese ace came here in Wels well prepared to fight for his first EOS title. Showing incredible speed in the last two rounds of qualifying, he is running an updated version of his mid-motored buggy. The biggest update is a lighter gearshaft, a machined lightweight motor mount and a lightweight body. Naoto also worked on improving the stability and the consistency of his car and to do so he lowered the rear arm mount in order to change the roll centre.










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new yokomo parts that are coming for the bmax2 and bmax4 at the Japan SHIZUOKA Hobby Show


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new parts: alloy top shaft, motor mount plate, front suspension mount, and a new 6.5" wing.


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Je suppose que l'intérêt d'ajourer à ce point la plaque moteur à pour but d'augmenter le refroidissement du sliper,

mais du coup, plus de radiateur pour le moteur... va falloir le ventiler un max, non?

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#14145 MIP Pucks™, Shiny Drive System, Yokomo B-Max2 MR


MIP would like to introduce the drive system of the future, for all Mod 2wd vehicles; MOD #14145 MIP ‘SHINY’ PUCKS™ SYSTEMS!!!! These systems are of steel construction, keeping to relatively the same overall weight that you are used to with your steel OEM drivetrain; but giving you the added benefit of MIP Pucks™ that are fully serviceable. No longer will diff outdrives and CV bones wear simultaneously, with the puck system all that is needed is to easily change Pucks™ when necessary, and the drivetrain stays tighter, fresh, longer. This added benefit equates to less money, less time off the track for rebuilds, and keeps your vehicle more competitive.


Yokomo BMAX2 Owners


Less overall wear on drive components


Replaceable Pucks to keep drivetrain fresh

American Grade Materials Used

100% Quality Made in the USA!


MIP Confetti Sticker (2), MIP Thread Gel Safety Sheet (1), MIP Instruction Sheet (1), MIP Diff Lube & Grease Cup (1), MIP Pucks™ Shiny CVA Bone Yokomo B-Max2 (1), MIP Pucks™ Male Outdrive Yokomo B-Max2 (2), MIP Pucks™ Female Outdrive Yokomo B-Max2 (1), MIP CVA Axle Yokomo B-Max2 (2), MIP Retaining Ring C-CVD™ (2), MIP 3/16” CVD™ Coupling (2), SHSS 4-40 x 3/32” Cup Point (2), 1/16” x .430” Solid Pin (2), M4 x .7mm Steel Locknut (2), 1/16” x 3/8” Roll Pin (2), MIP CVD Puck Pin (2), MIP Outdrive Puck (8), BHCS 1-72 x 1/8 Button Head (6), MIP Lube & Thread Gel Cup (1)


.050 Allen Key – (Suggest - #9000 MIP Hex Driver Wrench .050 inch)


Yokomo B-Max2 MR (Ver.2/Ver.3)




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nouvelles options

front 45.8 gram steel lower suspension mount #b2-300fls


aluminum top shaft (8g lighter) #b2-303ta


light weight motor plate. intended to be used on carpet and astro turf for lower center of gravity. 4.6 grams lighter #b2-304lw


24 gram battery tray weight #yt-rw24


narrow gokuraku offroad wings #zs-gwbn


bmax2 mr/rs light weight body #b2-101mrl


graphite idler shafts #b2-302ig


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Main Chassis M1, Carbon 2.5mm - BMAX2 MR


● Total weight saving = 50.0g (compared to the original aluminium chassis)

● Ultra Lightweight – at only 63.5g

● Machined by – PSM in Germany

● 2.5mm Premium – Glossy Carbon Fiber

● Designed for – Outdoor use

● Direct Replacement – with use of original Parts

This carbon main chassis was designed to fit Team Yokomo’s BMAX2 MR. It reduces the overall weight for 50.0g and adds more overall flex characteristics, that gives you an advantage when it comes to low traction track conditions.The parts will be replaced with this Product.

Designed for Outdoor use.

Required for completion: Yokomo #B2-002SP (1x) and Yokomo #B2-002F (1)






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Black Diamond Series Ceramic Gearbox Bearing Sets

Schelle Racing Innovations ceramic metal shield bearings are part of the Black Diamond series which means they are for all-out, spare no expense racing. Recently released for sale, Schelle ceramic gearbox bearing sets have been the go-to for racers who want the ultimate low-drag gearbox to help them put power to the ground. Spare no expense and get the best for your ride. Sets offered which fit popular 2wd cars and trucks by Team Associated, TLR, Kyosho, and Yokomo.


1. Precision ceramic ball hybrid bearings manufactured to ABEC-3 Standards

2. Lubed with premium bearing oil

3. 2 metal shield for minimum drag

4. Ideal for stock racers looking for some extra speed. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Product pages:

Schelle Black Diamond Ceramic Bearings

SCH2300 Ceramic Gearbox Bearing Set, B5


SCH2301 Ceramic Gearbox Bearing Set, B5M


SCH2302 Ceramic Gearbox Bearing Set, RB6, 22 2.0, BMAX-2 MR


Available now

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nouveaux ressorts:

qui matrise le japonais pour les details?

traduction rapide via traducteur automatique

Arena Special artificial turf / carpet road surface only

B-MAX2/B-MAX4 Ⅲ Big Bore Shock Spring for various

Is spreading rapidly in the off-road scene in recent years, car or artificial turf

High grip circuit pet road surface. Toward a new stage of these

Special spring Yokomo team has been developed based on Nobuyuki Adachi through supervision Te

Is battle injection in big race with a focus on Europe already,

Indoor ground, which was held in France from June 20, 2014

Naoto Matsukura players TQ in both 2WD, 4WD class in the RC & Masters

Victory! Adachi players also up on the podium with second place and third place sufficiently high performance

We appeal. The fit of the landing of the jump, and scratched at the corner

That the high-side Rioosae, of artificial turf peculiar less likely to occur, with reduced overall length

Low vehicle height also quite possible by. In off-road racing to high speed of

It is a spring that is an advantage of Oite many, and new weapons.


The dealer of the YA Special spring in Yokomo

It was decided to start on behalf of Yatabe Arena.

ordre du plus dur ou plus mou


YAS-675 Big Bore Shock Spring Front (Black)

YAS-700 Big Bore Shock Spring Front (Orange)

YAS-800 Big Bore Shock Spring Front (Red)

YAS-825 Big Bore Shock Spring Front (Yellow)

YAS-975 Big Bore Shock for rear spring (purple)


YAS-1000 Big Bore Shock Spring for rear (black)

YAS-1025 Big Bore Shock for rear spring (orange)

YAS-1050 Big Bore Shock Spring for rear (green)

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detail sur les nouveaus ressorts

Yokomo is announcing the availability of new springs for large diameter shocks, optimized especially for high-grip surfaces such carpet and astroturf have been gaining traction in the offroad racing scene.

Under the supervision Shin Adachi, Team Yokomo has developed a new set of special racing springs for large diameter shocks -- the perfect companion for the Yokomo B-MAX2 and B-MAX4 III cars when racing on high-grip surfaces.

The new springs offer the following advantages:

-Better handling on jumps, especially on landing

-Reduces tripping on corners and over-grip rolls prevalent on astroturf

-Shortened profile of the springs also provides an advantage by lowering the center-of-gravity.

The effectiveness of the springs has been demonstrated with Naoto Matsukura getting TQ and crowned champion of both 2WD and 4WD classes at the Indoorground R/C Masters race (France) in June.

The springs will be sold under the “Yatabe Arena” brand, the world-famous R/C track which is to host the IFMAR 1/10th Electric Offroad World Championship in 2015.

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AM-MAX2-019 Side Weight Set (Brass)(2)


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Robert Batlle (Spain), 26 – 2WD Euros

Chassis: Yokomo BMAX2

Motor: Muchmore Fleta ZX

ESC: Muchmore Fleta Pro

Battery: Muchmore Shorty 4600

Tyres: JConcepts Barcodes green

Radio & Servos:Futaba 4PK Super R / Xpert PM-3401

Body: Yokomo

Notes: None











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Lee Martin (UK), 29 – 2WD Euros

Chassis: Yokomo BMAX2 v3

Motor: Yokomo RP 8.0T

ESC: Viper VTX10 BE

Battery: Protek Shorty

Tyres: JConcepts Barcodes (Control)

Radio & Servos:Sanwa M12 / Xpert

Body: Yokomo

Notes: LMR Electra rear wing, MRT transponder. Car built by Yokomo’s Shin Adachi with special ‘Shin O-rings’, hex conversion front hubs, Ti screws, alloy shock tops, alloy rear hubs.










Edited by Reporter

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Personne n'aurait vu passer les fiches de set-up de Trelleborg...?

Pour une fois que les pros roulaient sur la glisse... :)

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Bonjour à tous,

Au moment de changer d'accus, quel est le format le plus adapté entre le shorty et le saddle? Je roule principalement sur une piste en astro en configuration mid.

Merci pour vos réponses... ;-)

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JConcepts Silencer Yokomo B-Max2 MR Body


JConcepts, out to Silence the competition, debuts new Silencer body design for Yokomo B-Max2 MR vehicle.

The JConcepts design team has spent many hours in development with leading team drivers to develop a new high-speed style body, specifically for the latest circuits. One of the most recognizable items, the Silencer body style, has now been designed for perfect fit and finish on the Yokomo B-Max2 MR buggy.

A brand-new, ground up design, the Silencer, has new elements created for the high speed tracks. A profiled, Finnisher stance cockpit and forward raised side-pod gives the Silencer an immediate fighting appearance. A smooth, high-speed transition around the cab, keeps the Silencer heading in the right direction. A slight recess just behind the cab with channeling out the rear provides rear-end stability. The Silencer side-pods have a clipped rear-end, narrowing the rear by angling in just in front of the rear tires. The rear side-pods angle sharply toward the shock tower and wing, enhancing the force placed on the rear pods during high-speed acceleration.


The main pods are lightly chamfered front and rear allowing plenty of paint and decal access. The end result has the body looking extremely low-profile with heavy JConcepts edginess and appeal. The Silencer is capped off with a cock-pit “shark fin” for more high-speed tracking stability and increased roof stiffness. The package includes two, 6.5” Hi-Clearance wings pre-marked for the Yokomo B-Max2 MR for the easiest application.




· JConcepts Silencer styling

· Forward cab bias, dual channeling rear escape

· Clipped side-pods with extended runners

· Cock-pit “shark fin” for added stability

· Clear polycarbonate with protective film

· Includes two, 6.5” Hi-Clearance wings

· Includes window mask and decal sheet

Silencer – Yokomo B-Max2 MR body

Part # – 0242

JConcepts – 6.5″ Hi-Clearance wing

Part # – 0143

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45.8g Steel front lower suspension mount (standard)

Product no.: B2-300FLS


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est ce quelqu'un a deja essayer la carrosserie erithus bmax2 ? et si oui savoir la difference avec celle d origine,merci

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bonour a tous

besoin de conseil

je vient de faire l'achat d'un b-max2 v3

je tourne avec un 13.5std

je voulais savoir qu'elle pignons moteur mettre

quand je roulai sur mon X6 et durango je mettai 28dts

merci pour les réponse

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okomo B-MAX2 MR Ver.3 Factory Team



Caratteristiche Yokomo B-MAX2 MR Ver.3 Factory Team

■ Nuovo telaio in alluminio.

■ Tenditori titanio.

■ Bell crank dello sterzo in alluminio.

■ Alberi ammortizzatori rivestiti in nitruro di titanio.

■ Pistone ammortizzatori da Φ1.6mm X.

■ Montante sospensione posteriore regolabile (3.0°, 3.5°, 4.0°)

■ Supportp sospensione anteriore inferiore in alluminio.

■ Frizione antisaltellamento doppio pad.

■ Upper Mount Arm in alluminio.

■ Mozzi posteriori in alluminio (0 gradi di convergenza).

■ Cuscinetti a sfera di precisione.

■ Carrozzeria *** cabina avanzata *** alettone posteriore.






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