North Winter Carpet Series'11 3rd Race

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Dear PetitRc Family,

First of all; I would like to thank you to Nicolas about his engouragment of announcing our

Touring Car Carpet Races at our country.

We have been organizing ETS like 1/10 Touring Car Series at North of Cyprus. Up to now we

have able to complete 2 legs of the 4 race series, next race will held on 1th of May, and last

race of the season will be on 22 th of May.

We are almost done with the summer season as well we are planning to announce schedule

next week but there will be 3 carpet and 3 asphalt race. We establish our races at temporary

tracks, and each time we change the design of the track, may be it will be a good opportunity

to all international racers that want to join us and may add a small vacation at the wonderful

summer weather of North Cyprus.

In terms of race style it is like ETS modified section we have ability to handle 100 persons of

racers. Our full AMB rc4 System and Licanced MYRCM software helped our service to be


For our races you can visit our site, or or

post queries to here or you can sen message ... at any case we would love to host you at our




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