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Dear All,

On November 20th 2010, you were all contacted for your views regarding an issue with the batteries used in the Electric Track Section, after it was recognised there had been an oversight with Rule Proposals at the Nov. agm.

The result was to ask for a Postal Vote to ammend EFRA rule :- Appendix 3. Rule 3.3.

This rule specifically only affects competitors that enter for the 1/12th. Track events.

The current Rule - App.3. Rule 3.3 states:-

1/12th Cars will be driven by a LiPo 1S at 3.7 volt nominal or a maximum of four NiCd or NiMH cells at 4.8 volt nominal. Receiver batteries are allowed.

It was realised that the option of using NiCd or NiMH cells at 4.8 volt gives an advantage over the 1S LiPo battery. As performance quality NiCd or NiMH cells are now difficult to obtain. It was realised there could be some problems.

The proposed amendment was for App.3. Rule 3.3 to be amended to :-

1/12th Cars will be driven by batteries with a maximum of 3.7 volt nominal. Receiver batteries are allowed".

This will ensure that all competitors use the same voltage pwer source.

Within EFRA, there are twenty five (25) Federations that are either Full Members or members for Electric Track. These Federations were mailed on 20th. Nov., to give answers on the Postal Vote.

The result is as follows:-

Fourteen (14) Federations have voted YES to the Postal Vote.

Eleven (11) Federations have not replied within the due time and are therefore considered as abstentions.

(None of the Federations have voted against).

Therefore the Postal Vote has PASSED with an absolute majority.

The amended rule will take effect for 2011 events in the 1/12th. Electric Section.

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