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HotBodies development seemed to ease off after the 2007 World Championships - the new D2 2WD buggy got all the way to production but was cancelled at the last minute and with no 2WD car to accompany the 4WD things seemed to drop into obscurity a little.

Thankfully HB are looking more lively and the guys are testing a couple of prototypes at this weekends PetitRC race. The new 2WD and 4WD and provisionally known as the D2X and D4X respectively.

The D2X is the successor to the car that never was - the D2. And whilst that car was a rear-motor only design, this new prototype allows the user to switch between rear & mid configurations.

It's all pretty early stages we're told and the cars are cobbled together using various parts that the company make for other vehicles along with some custom made alloy and carbon parts.





The side pods are about the only part carried over from the lovely unreleased D2 buggy


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Pincement arriere autovariable :D

a suivre de pres a part ca... quelques idees interessantes, mais ou est passe le chassis metal?


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Euhhhhh... Pincement AR réglable sans changement de pièce, plutôt, non ?

--> C'est super !!! :XD:

Par contre, un chassis carbone, c'est tellement plus bôôôôô :blush:

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