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The "D3" (Duo3) is a new pro brushless racing motor designed for 2 & 4wd, 1/12th & 1/10th on-road, oval and off-road.

•New stronger gauss neo magnet rotor for more low end torque.

•New stator laminations wound with higher temperature wire for greater reliability.

•Faster switching sensor board design for greater response.

•Fully adjustable timing.

•Heavy duty low drag ball bearings.

•1-4 cell Li-Po use with correct gearing.

Over gearing can hurt your motor by causing the stator winds to over heat, melt the insulation and short out. To prevent this when trying new gearing or figuring out the best gearing for your vehicle, run for one minute and check the motor heat. You want to be under 165 degrees F.

The complete D3 Line:

TEP1061, 4 Turn, 10,000Kv

TEP1062, 4.5 Turn, 9,200Kv

TEP1063, 5 Turn, 8,200Kv

TEP1064, 5.5 Turn, 7,700Kv

TEP1065, 6 Turn, 7,150Kv

TEP1066, 6.5 Turn, 6,600Kv

TEP1067, 7 Turn, 6,375Kv

TEP1068, 7.5 Turn, 6,100Kv

TEP1050, 10.5 Turn, 4,300Kv ROAR Spec

TEP1051, 13.5 Turn, 3,600Kv ROAR Spec

TEP1053, 17.5 Turn, 2,300Kv ROAR Spec

TEP1055, 21.5 Turn, 2,000Kv Crawler

TEP1056, 25.5 Turn, 1,800Kv Crawler

TEP1057, 21.5 Turn, 2,100Kv ROAR Spec

All Trinity brushless motors are guaranteed to be free from defects at the time of purchase. Because of the nature of this product and the variables of gearing and battery voltage available there is no warranty for stators that failed due to over gearing or too much voltage input or a combination of the both.

The rotors are designed to withstand a certain rpm. This will never be exceeded in normal usage in a vehicle under load with the tires on the track. Rotor failures (shattered magnets) occurs when the motor is free revved either on the bench or by lifting the car up off the track and flooring the speed control. Rotors damaged by over revving is not covered under warranty.

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qui a deja essayé ce moteur et que vaut il par rapport a la concurrence?

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J'ai le trinity duo3 depuis le début d'année en 7.5T sur 4x4 et sa marche fort,

bien coupleux et bonne pointe, aucun soucis de fiabilité ou de chauffe, j'en suis très content et c du "TRINITY", une référence niveau moteur :drunk:

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il a un bon retour, performant et pas trop de chauffe, bref du trinity

j'en ai commandé un 10.5T pour mon losi22 pour la nostalgie Losi/Trinity

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Salut moi je lai sur mon B44.1 en 7tours bonne vitesse de pointe et tres souple j en suis ravi en plus quand j etais petit j ai commencé sur un monster horse power donc voila

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je vois que beaucoup de monde l utilise en TT, ce moteur est plus basé pour le TT?

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salut sur la notice effectivement le 7tours et conseiller pour le tt j ai eu de la chance car je l ai commander sur un coup de tete

voili voilou

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The D3.5 17.5 spec motor is here. Designed by Jim Dieter to the absolute limits of the ROAR specs. There is no faster legal brushless motor you can buy! The game has been changed and the D3.5 has rewritten all the rules for performance.

• Short stator, less wire, lower resistance, more power.

• Lightweight endplate, less weight, lower center of gravity for better handling.

• Improved air flow, cooler operating temperatures.

• Timing gauge on end bell, easier to make timing adjustments motor to motor, run to run.

• 100% designed for spec racing, No compromises.

• Optimized for 1-2 cell operation, Touring, off-road, oval, etc.

• Sensor design, works with most high end racing speed controls

• Designed by Team Trinity in the USA.

#TEP1080 D3.5 10.5 Turn

#TEP1081 D3.5 13.5 Turn

#TEP1082 D3.5 17.5 Turn






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