Sympa cette HPI Switch Fiat 500 abarth

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Sympa cette HPI Switch Fiat 500 abarth



Fun and Fast Front-Wheel Drive!

The HPI Switch is a fun front wheel drive (FWD) electric car that makes getting into R/C quick, easy, and inexpensive. The Switch is completely Ready-To-Run with a factory-assembled chassis, painted/trimmed body with decals applied, and complete electronics that include the transmitter/receiver, reversible electronic speed control, battery pack and AC charger. Based on the "True Ten" scale introduced with the HPI Cup Racer, the Switch can be adjusted for width and wheelbase to accept a wide variety of mini-size bodies and all of the latest HPI Cup Racer bodies.

The Switch, HPI's first FWD car, comes with a simple but very rigid tub chassis. All heavy items are located low on the chassis so the car corners briskly with minimum roll. FWD and a front midship motor layout give the car stable handling that's perfectly suited for parking lot racing for drivers of all levels. You don't need to be an advanced driver to enjoy the Switch!


* Electric-Powered Front-Wheel Drive True Ten (mini-size) on-road car

* Wheelbase can be adjusted from 210 or 225 to fit various mini bodies

* Width can be adjusted between 164mm and 174mm

* Total of 8 body mount configurations

* Independent McPherson Strut Suspension

* 12 ball bearings are used in the drivetrain

* 7.2V 1500mAh rechargeable Ni-CD battery pack

* Quick-change battery holder

* High Torque 35T Saturn Motor

* Front midship motor layout

* Cam-type motor mount for easy gear mesh adjustments

* AC Wall Charger

* Black Chrome Wheels

* Molded Rubber Tires

* Steel Dogbones

* Complete Instruction Manual


* Length: 285mm

* Width: 164mm (adjustable)

* Height: 65mm

* Weight: 1080g (body not included)

* Wheelbase: 210 / 225mm

* Tyre Size: 60mm x 26mm

#101580 - RTR SWITCH WITH ABARTH 500 BODY (EU 3-pin)

#101581 - RTR SWITCH WITH ABARTH 500 BODY (EU 2-pin)

Pre-Assembled 1/10th scale electric front-wheel drive car with radio system, motor, electronic speed control, battery pack, wall charger and painted bodyshell and detailed instruction manual.

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