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The UK MicroX 2010 is a big one-off meeting for 'micro' sized off-roaders, organised by micro aficionado and BRCA section chairman Cris Oxley. The event attacted a lot of sponsors wanting to support the exciting class of racing and to celebrate things the event was FREE to enter!

Yes, thats right, free - no money - FREE! how mad is that. Awesome.

The meeting was held at the Hereford RC Club in Leominster, Hereford. The club is a regular on the micro national series and has a healthy micro racing heritage so was the obvious choice for this event.

After booking-in was complete there was a quick concours competition to find the nicest looking car inside and out - Cris in all his wisdom deciding that cars would be judged on both their lovely bodyshells and the neatness of their internal electric installs. We wont be getting a prize then hey.




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