Calandra Racing Concepts "Advances" Cleveland

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Calandra Racing Concepts "Advances" Cleveland - A new performance level with the Advanced Speedo, new lipo battery and the dominant Gen-XL cars.

The 2009 version of the U.S. Indoor Championships in Cleveland, Ohio marks the 30th Annual running of this prestigious event. Thirty years ago, the race began as a 1:12th scale only event with only 2 classes offered, stock and modified. Over the years we have seen other types of cars race at the Champs, but this 30th Annual saw a return of 12th scale dominance of the event.

While the 1:12th numbers represented a good portion of the entries, the turnout was quite low when compared to previous years. Continuing a trend of lower turnouts in many of the large travel races, the Indoor Champ's attendance was down as well. This trend seems to have the greatest effect in the on-road racing segment. Is it the economy? The speedo wars? Too many races? Too many classes? Race week too long? A big "yes" answers all those questions. As an on-road racing community, we need to stick together, enjoy the hobby and support local club racing. We also need to help and encourage new club racers and prospective r/c racers. With a little help from the economy, we can re-capture some of our lost racing friends.

The 2009 version marked the first year of the 1 cell lipo and no wintergreen based additives at the Champs. With pan cars using 1 cell lipo packs and brushless motors, road racing is certainly a bit easier now. No comm truing, no discharging trays, no re-peaking, no need to time your charge, no cycling and matching batteries, pretty easy. However, with all that cool new technology, smart engineers will find a way to extract more power from the batteries and the motors. One thing that has not changed is Calandra Racing's ability to keep up with technology offering you the best equipment to help you achieve your best result.



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oui mais il manque le chouapeau:o

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