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Intro Serpent 1/8 buggy project with Billy Easton (23/12/2009)

In the next couple of weeks we will introduce you to the Serpent 1/8 buggy development, testing, production and racing.

Below a 1st of 4 interviews with Billy Easton the designer / racer of the Serpent 1/8 buggy.

The Serpent 1/8 buggy is the first move into the offroad market, to be followed by a Truggy and electric versions, as well as Ready to race cars in the near future.

Design-wise Billy Easton works closely together with Michael Salven. With Michael being the expert in gas onroad, Billy performs this task for the offroad projects. In this way true experts look after the class they know best and actively race in and can support best. Still sharing idea's and knowledge to create the very best rc racing cars around.

Below the 1. interview with Billy Easton.

Hello Billy,

Interview stage 1.

Q: When have you started to work for Serpent and why ?

I would say a little over 2 years ago. At that time Serpent was looking to expand their product line. So, my skills and knowledge were kind of a perfect fit for them. They had really only focused on Nitro onroad and a just begun a 1/12 scale car as well as their Electric sedan. So having the experience in the development and racing of Nitro offroad as well as electric onroad/offroad, I would be a perfect fit for what they needed. Personally, I wanted to work for a company that had a position available so that I could grow myself. I really enjoyed the design aspect of the cars and products and was given the chance to show the world my ideas.

Q: Whats is your main job at Serpent ?

My job at Serpent consists of designing new and innovative products. I excel in the conceptual part or the birth of a product, I seem to have a natural knack for being able to visualize things. I spend countless hours researching and developing products as well. Aside from all those things, I will also be the guy that checks the quality and fit of the parts on the projects that I am familiar with.

Q: What are the main projects you have been working on in the past year ?

Over the last year I have actually worked on a few projects. Some of them have not yet been released to the public’s eye, so they will remain anonymous. However, most note worthy are the 1/8 buggy project as well as our S120 1/12 link car, the 966-e and the 1/10 WGT pancar.

Q: For this offroad 1/8 project, what is the main goal design-wise ?

Our 1/8 project has actually been quite extensive. We really took the time to first research all the current makers’ cars as well as build and test them. In the beginning we did indeed have a Document laying out the guidelines for our car. The main idea for the car was to provide the best possible balance, lightest possible weight, and ease of construction. Then, in the end provide the consumer with a product that he could build the first time and outperform all previous buggies he had ever used.

I know it seems like a tall order, but of all the cars I have raced and tested over the last 15 or so years, they all lacked something. In the end, we wanted to take this class to another level and create the Ultimate package.

Speaking for Serpent it was not just about releasing another car, it was about releasing the best performing car in the market place.

Q: Can you tell us ….. when drivers can expect the Serpent 1/8 offroad car to appear on the market ?

At this time, we are shooting for a release in march 2010. We will showcase the product at the Nurnberg Toy Fair. I will be there to discuss all the ideas and concepts for our 1/8 buggy. I am pretty sue you will like it , trust me.

Thanks for your information, we will be back with more questions in the stage 2 interview. Stay tuned.

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The Serpent buggy is named Serpent 811 Cobra.

Intro Serpent 1/8 buggy project with Billy Easton

In these weeks we introduce you to the Serpent 1/8 buggy development, testing, production and racing.

Below the 3rd of 4 interviews with Billy Easton the designer / racer of the Serpent 1/8 buggy.

The Serpent 1/8 buggy is the first move into the offroad market, to be followed by a Truggy and electric versions, as well as Ready to race cars in the near future.

Design-wise Billy Easton works closely together with Michael Salven. With Michael being the expert in gas onroad, Billy will perform this task for the offroad projects. In this way true experts look after the class they know best and actively race in and can support best. Still sharing idea's and knowledge to create the very best rc racing cars around.

Below the 3rd interview with Billy Easton.

Q: Can you advice us the Final name for the car:

A: Yes , the car is named Serpent 811 Cobra. As you can also see from the images of the logo. It makes a small hint to the offroad history of Serpent ( late 1980-ties) .

Its is time for some more details about the Serpent Cobra

Can you give us some idea on the following items:


The geometry is actually well proven. With over 15 different manufacturers tested and countless hours of driving so many different concepts and suspension styles have been taken into account, the customer will indeed be happy with the package we put together for them. The geometry is set up for maximum performance with the most efficient cornering in mind. Utilizing proven roll centers, shock progression and camber links, it’s a given winner.

Weight balance

The weight balance is some of the best that I have ever experienced. The front to back and left to right balance have been greatly enhanced over even some of the most recent buggies. The customers will definitely not find one side of this vehicle dragging the ground over another. It is perfect and it is barely if at all affected by the different types of batteries you can use.

Gear ratio’s

The gear ratio in our buggy is 4.3:1.

This has been proven to give you the most possible acceleration and also allow you to use a much larger variety of clutch bells. I dont want to see a Serpent driver never be able to gear his car down on a short track if he needed to, if it meant the difference between winning and loosing.

Suspension / shocks

The suspension is comprised of suspension arms that are very similar in length and also should aid in cornering as well as rough track handling. We took some of the oldest design concepts and updated them for competition in 2010.

As for the shocks they are 16mm big bores, so you can jump land even the largest jumps on the US style tracks. These shocks will definitely minimize oil over heat and aid in long mains.

Engine related and clutch

The engines location has been maximized to allow you just the right adjustability without compromising any of the cars overall balance. It is a forward type similar to those on recent cars, but not exaggerated too far to any extreme.


The clutch itself is a 4 shoe. After lots of testing different types of clutches it was decided that the 4 shoe was the best overall choice. With the ability to change shoes evenly carbon vursus aluminum as well as utilizing the simplest building concept, I think the customers will be very happy with the end clutch design. You will be able to run different combinations of clutch shoes, but also be able to build multiple units to change out quickly.

Steering system

Our steering system is actually a more advanced system than you may have seen till now. We utilize a bell crank system that is angled to better match the caster angle. What this means to you, is less bump steer than you have ever experienced before. Our turnbuckle length is also improved over other buggies to again reduce unwanted bump steer. The overall package is very simple in design, user friendly and easy to adjust.

Thanks for above details. Lots more to follow in the next stage 4 and last of this serie of interviews.

More details on the Serpent S811 will be shown after the last of the interviews.

The testing and racing continues all the time and last small changes are made, where finalised parts are already in production.

Team Serpent










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Easton wins 1st race with Serpent Cobra S811, USA

Serpent designer/racer Billy Easton won his 1st ever official race with the Serpent Cobra in the USA.

The 3rd round of the Florida State series, was an excellent 1st show off the Serpent Cobra.

The track was very difficult due to the changing weather conditions. The Serpent Cobra still was easy to dial in and create high grip.

The Serpent Cobra held up very well all the race, and didn't brake or wear out anything. Top quality to make sure you an finish finals all the way !

Now Easton is off tot he CRCRC race, to put the Serpent Cobra through the next race- test.

Please find his full report below.

The Florida State offroad series FSORS: Round Number 3

This year’s round 3 series race was held at Mill’s Pond, January 9th and 10th, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Mill’s crew typically builds a great layout with a fair amount of jumps paired with some tight technical sections. This year they added some depth to the track that would increase our total lap times. The only problem with the race this year was the forecast for rain.

We arrived at the track around noon on Friday. This was a very special day for not only myself, but for the rest of the RC community. I brought out our brand new Serpent S811 prototype buggy. It would not only mark the first time the car would be raced outside of a test track, but also the first time the public would be able to see it in action. With the traction already at high levels, I was sure my buggy would show its true colors to all present.

I readied my car and was set to hit the track. There was quite a spectator group at the track ready to watch the buggy they’d been reading about and anticipating. After a few laps around the track, you could see that my car had an amazing amount of cornering speed. The jump capability was also stellar. I could hear the people in pit lane “wowing” at how well the car jumped in the center of the track- my car was jumping twice as far as anyone else’s was capable. It seemed as if passing the other cars was effortless. I really felt that the car was handling as good as it had in my testing. Most importantly, the buying public was able to get a glimpse of this newborn buggy’s growth potential. After getting a feel for the track and deciding that I had learned the layout, I pulled my car off to head for the pits to evaluate the situation at hand.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the performance of the buggy. As I came down the drivers stand, many people came to greet me with smiles. They shook their heads and exclaimed over and over how great my car looked out there. Already, the response was positive. As practice came to a close, rain began to pour down, putting a damper on things. The water was draining off the track fairly well, so we hoped the event wouldn’t end up being cancelled. Because of the rain, practice was cut short on Friday.

We woke up Saturday morning to find that it was still raining. Because of the weather, we didn’t get to run at all on Saturday, however, the Mill’s Pond crew was very determined that we would race on Sunday. After the rain stopped late Saturday evening, they immediately began working on the track, getting it ready for what would hopefully be a Sunday race.

We showed up Sunday morning and racing was nearly underway. The track was very tacky and muddy, and unfortunately I was in the first race. This was what I consider a street sweeper race- the guys who get to race first, get it the worst of it. Although my qualifying run didn’t go the best for me due to accidents, my lap times for that round were close to 1 second faster than the guy who TQ-ed the round. My problem- too many mistakes. Despite that, my car showed its speed. I would just have to wait for the second round, and hopefully a better track condition when the time came.

As the second round approached I was ready, hoping I had chosen the right tires to do the job. Proline revolver M3’s were my choice, and I set off on a blistering run. I was faster than the previous TQ, and faster than many of the other top competitors. Unfortunately, due to lap traffic, my run would suffer yet again. Despite the challenges presented, the car still showed it had the capability to Top Qualify.

When qualifying was over, I was 4th on the grid. Not a bad spot, but not exactly what I’d hoped for. Plagued with bad luck, 4th wasn’t a bad place to be starting. As the day went on and the Main Events drew closer and closer, the track was becoming quite slick. This was not a condition I had yet been able to test the car in, so I knew it would be quite a challenge and I was looking forward to seeing what would happen. We lined up on the grid, and were set to go for the Main. The horn sounded and we were off…but not for long. I was collected in a first turn collision with other vehicles, dropping me to the back of the pack. I also got caught in a multi-car collision not only in the second turn but in the third as well. By the time the first lap was over, I was half a track down but I was not willing to give up, especially this early on in the race.

The Main Time was cut short to 15 minutes because of the rushed schedule on Sunday, so this cut down my chances of a long drawn out Main. I had little time to make a strong come-back. I would have to settle for the best sprint race I could put together. As the race progressed, I slowly picked off one car at a time. Finally, with just 2 laps to go, I caught the leader. When I passed him, I used the momentum I was carrying to put a jump pass on him. Before he knew what was happening, his comfortable lead turned into second place. The crowd roared! Once I gained the lead, I cruised the last few laps with ease, putting the Serpent S811 Cobra on top as the race came to a close.

In closing, I think the Mill’s Pond crew did an excellent job with getting the track ready for us to race. Their determination was very appreciated by all in attendance. Overall, I was very happy with the performance of my buggy. I still have many things to learn about it, and more testing to do. So far, the durability and performance is easily rated at the top of any of the cars I’ve raced over the last ten years. I believe that when the car comes to production, customers will fully appreciate this vehicle and all that has gone into its design. Now it’s time to move on to a new challenge- to go head to head with last year’s winner Jared Tebo, and top racers Ryan Lutz, and Ryan Maifield at the CRCRC Midwest Nitro Championships.

Billy Easton

Team Serpent


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Below the 4th of 4 interviews with Billy Easton the designer / racer of the Serpent 1/8 buggy.

The Serpent 1/8 buggy is the first move into the offroad market, to be followed by a Truggy and electric versions, as well as Ready to race cars in the near future. Design-wise Billy Easton works closely together with Michael Salven. With Michael being the expert in gas onroad, Billy will perform this task for the offroad projects. In this way true experts look after the class they know best and actively race in and can support best. Still sharing idea's and knowledge to create the very best rc racing cars around.

Billy Easton

Stage 4 interview

Some more details on the Serpent Cobra.

Please explain in more detail

Aero dynamics: body and rear wing

The body game has been stepped up a little. We really tried our best to provide the customer with a body that they would not have any reason to want to upgrade to an aftermarket version. Our body is extremely low profile and also fits the car super tight in all the right places. The cab and sides are equal in proportion. The rear of the body has additional down force, which helps guide additional air to the rear wing. When driving the car for sure you will enjoy the super low profile. To me it reminds me a lot of the Old Yokomo Works car that had a super low profile body. The wing has a combination of different foils. It also has 2 fins inside of the side damns to aid in keeping the rear of the car where it’s supposed to be. So far in testing, the wing most definitely provides great side grip and is very controllable while flying through the air.

Anti-roll bars

The kit anti roll bars are conventional but ballraced, with bent piano wire that have laser engraved lettering. We have an additional anti roll bar kit that we will sell as an option that is very advanced and even easier for customers to adjust the wire sizes on the fly. Also the sway bars ride on ball bearings to insure they never get sloppy and will also provide consistent control.

Ball bearings

The car uses excellent industry standard rubber sealed bearings. In testing thus far they have been very durable and have taken far more abuse than some others I have tested on other vehicles

Fuel tank

Our fuel tank utilizes a floating clunk design to help you out, if you get turned over and stuck upside down for extended time. The tank top has an overflow to help guide any unwanted fuel out the bottom of the car. The tank lid has been designed in a way to minimize splashing and keep the fuel off critical parts inside the vehicle.


The transmission is all captured. You will not have to worry about loosing a pin in long mains or even at local events. It was designed so that no matter what, your drive train should stay assembled so you can finish any event duration without troubles. The drive shafts have been made of tool spring-steel and coated with the factory brown finish. They are also laser etched with identification marks. You will not be disappointed in the quality and strength here.

Brake system

The brake system has been simplified to help you set your brake system the same every time, no matter how many cars you build. The parts have also been lowered to help keep the CG as low as possible. It uses a piston system and provides superior braking like you have never felt before. We will also have many optional brake upgrades available later to fine tune the braking system like you have never been able to in the past.

Servo linkages

All the linkages and also camber links have been captured so you never have to worry about a ball cup popping off when you are on that TQ run. This car had one thing in mind, in order to win, you must finish. With all details in mind even on the steering links, be rest assured our goal was to create something even the lesser skilled driver could win with.

Electronics installment

The electronics installment is a little tricky the first time. You have a couple new things you have never had to do before. So for some it will be a bit foreign, however after you do it a time or two you will appreciate the packaged unit you get when you finished. The assembly is very clean, very tidy and simple if you want to remove it from the car. You do not have parts that look like they are just barely hanging on and out of place.

Chassis / chassis stiffners / flex control

After lots of testing we believe that the plastic stiffeners that are provided in the kit control the flex in all the right places to help you make it through the roughest terrain. The car is not too rigid, but also is not too flexible. As you may have found on some cars, the chassis is easily damaged and looks like a banana after only a few jump landings. I do not think you will be disappointed in the end flex control and longevity of your chassis due to the design.

Thanks for the in dept information on the Serpent Cobra. Even more details about each aspect will be published in the Serpent web-site too.

We shall be keeping you up-to-date with the progress of the Serpent Cobra.

If you have specific questions about the Serpent Cobra to Billy, then feel free to email us at:
we will try to answer your questions soon in the next reports.

Billy Easton

Team Serpent











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Serpent S811 Cobra 1/8 4wd buggy The ultimate competition racing buggy, for high end competition use. Designed by Serpent designer/racer Billy Easton, USA. 4wd, 3 small diffs, 4-shoe race clutch, 16mm bigbore shocks, carbon shocktowers/radioplate, shaped alu suspension holders, angled front steering, low design brake, high quality spring steel and very durable anodised alu parts and lots more, see the details in description and image gallery. Superlow center of gravity, superb weight balance front to back and left to right, lightweight car, superstrong. The kit includes car, clear body, rear wing, decal and full color manual. Tyres, wheels and radio-gear are not included. The full package to compete in high end racing, finish finals and win ! Release start june 2010.



Serpent S811 Cobra

The S811 Race Buggy is a new innovative design based on 15 years of off-road racing experience.

It is a mixture of new and current concepts to provide a substantially better overall package. The balance left to right and front to back has also been improved over current designs. In turn provide a larger tuning window without loss in drivability. With most new competitive buggies being put on a diet, you will not be disappointed, as the S811 comes in at 3300 grams, fully loaded with all the standard items. The philosophy was simple, how can you create a car, which will take an average driver and transform him into a great driver. The end solution was to provide him with a product that will work as one harmonious unit together, all items functioning in unison.

With so many features all wrapped up in one bundle, here are some of the items you can expect to find on the S811 Cobra

Chassis, narrow design

Improves overall ground clearance on sides for minimal chassis dragging. This is an improvement for Jumping and cornering over uneven ground. With less mass out wide the car will pitch less in the corner, but also stay straighter in quick left to right cornering.


Machined chassis 3mm

Light weight chassis helps minimize weight and improve overall vehicle performance. Countersunk holes. Anodised in titanium color and laser engraved Cobra logo.

All suspension mounts are keyed into position

This helps to relieve the mount of any side forces from tumbling in a crash. It take the pressure off the screws and transmission case and puts that force on the chassis.

Chassis kick up angle

Most angle in its class, this will provide more clearance for attacking even the most destroyed jump faces. It will insure you can guide your way up the face without scrubbing off any valuable speed.


Large radius front Bumper

Helps reduce the lawn dart effect on nose down jump landings. Also helps to prevent scrubbing off speed on moguls, and whoop style bumps


Composite chassis braces

Allows the chassis to flex which helps improve bump handling. Front and rear.


Adjustable wheel base

5 mm of wheel base adjustment in the rear from 322.5 to 327.5 mm.

Front Steering knuckle assembly

The front roll center can be changed quickly by moving the steering knuckle shims to their appropriate locations.

Steering-blocks / caster blocks

Durable moulded composite steeringblocks with standard 10 degree caster blocks.


New shock mounting Geometry on A arm.

Helps when locating the shock on the lever arm to re adjust the shock length and angle without changing other unnecessary things.

Inboard Bell crank Steering arm

This is to provide a tighter fit on the body as well as keep the lever and linkage inside the car. It will aid in the prevention of damage to the steering system

Zero scrub radiuses on steering knuckle

While most cars lack in this area, this feature helps reduce the jacking effect created by your steering knuckle offset. It provides a more direct feel while keeping the cars chassis more level while turning.

Suspension brackets aluminium fr and rr

CNC machines suspension brackets front and rear. Very strong and durable, yet lightweight design, keeping the pivot-inserts well captured. Anodised and laser-engraved.

Symmetrical inner pivots

Front and rear pivots are in the same plane. This helps keep the care more neutral under cornering.


Eccentrics on suspension mounts

There is a range of different eccentrics you can use to adjust your kick up in the front of the vehicle as well as the anti squat in the rear.

Long Steering tie rods

Based on the bell crank design the rod length has been optimized to be as close to the same length as possible to further reduce bump steer.

Captured Servo Saver assembly

Reduces unwanted debris from destroy servo saver faces. Which will prevents any sort of premature servo damage.

Angled Bell cranks

The bell cranks are angled to reduce the angle of difference between the total caster and steering plane. Therefore you will have less bump steer and a truer steering Ackerman through the entire range of suspension


Ackerman plates

With the design of the steering bell cranks when changing the Ackerman you will not need to adjust your steering tie rods. You simply will only need to adjust your end points on your radio..


Roll center adjustment

The front roll center can be changed quickly by moving the steering knuckle shims to their appropriate locations.

Pillow Ball sway bar joints

This is a quick and easy way to adjust the left and right tweak of your sway bar.


Anti-roll bars

Front and rear anti-roll bars made of spring steel wire and size indicated with engraving.

Anti-roll bars are ballraced for effectiveness and smooth operation.

A variery of optional ones available, also as sets.

Captured ball cups

All camber links, steering links and steering servo links have been trapped. This will help prevent any ball cups from popping off.

Big bore shocks 16mm

Although this has become the industry standard you will enjoy all the benefits of this compacted bigbore design with large o rings and superb bleeders. The larger o rings provide less overall pressure and a better seal without all the dragging on the shock shaft.

Laser angraved black tops.

Threaded shock bodies

This is for reducing parts in your pit bag. No more clips to loose. It helps adjust in much finer increments.

Oversized 4mm shock shafts

Reducing damage to shock shafts from hard jump landings or impacts.

Shock boots with bump stop

Shock boots have been designed to increase life, seal and utilize rubber as a cushion to prevent damage to suspension components.

Shock spring buckets with debris drain and key locator The spring buckets at the foot of the shock have drain holes to get dirt, water and debris out of the usable shock zone. The key locator helps to align and lock the spring bucket into position so it stays put during operation.


Carbon fiber Shock towers

4.5 mm thick Carbon shock towers improve visual appeal, however also provide lighter weight.


One piece radio tray.

The assembly is unique as is provides on rigid component that can house all of your radio gear. The removal is just as easy with 6 screws total.

Crimping Antenna mount with rubber water proof cap

With water ever being a problem in outdoor nitro racing. This Crimping design not only will hold your antenna in place, but has a rubber cap to prevent water from sneaking in to your radio box.



Splash basin on tank top

This helps reduce fuel all over the chassis in the event of a messy pit stop. The basin collects the splashed fuel and guides it safely out the bottom of the chassis

Self centering Fuel tank seal

The fuel tank seal is angled to self guide its way into the bore of the tank. At the same time will provide a seal on the chamfered and flat edges of the seal, providing consistent engine performance from one pit stop to the next.

Built in tank splash guard

Helps prevent fuel from splashing onto your air filter in the event of an overly excited pit man.

Tank with swiveling nipple and floating clunk.

With the swiveling nipple you are able to adjust the angle at which you want you fuel line to travel. At the same time the floating clunk helps when you go upside down. The clunk by gravity will fall back into the fuel, utilizing the flexibility of the silicone fuel tubing.

Oversized Tank with adjustable volume.

With the insertion of a simple screw and volume reducer you can have ROAR, IFMAR and any other organizations legal tank volume


Sleek low profile air filter

Centralized air filter design to minimize cab width and height.

Flexible rubber boot combined with strong nylon case to support the foam elements.

Excellent dense foam airfilter elements to keep your engines clean inside.

Piston Braking system

Provides more stopping power than you could have ever imagined before with a whole lot less servo power. Also is fully adjustable with 3 types of pistons


O ring type

Spring type

In turn you can adjust your bias or braking feel to your liking in more ways than ever before.

Fiber Glass disc brakes

Fiber Glass brake disks with oversized front.

Brake plate springs

Will keep the plates spread open to insure not un-wanted dragging of the brake discs.


Throttle and brake lever ball cups

Helps provide consistent pulling on the brake lever or carburetor if you do not have the linkage perfectly aligned.

Lightweight Differentials and center spur.

Mathematically the lightest ever. By reducing the rotating mass, you can further increase the amount of out of the corner acceleration. In turn your engine breathes easy and consumes less fuel.


Drive ratio 4.3:1

This drive ratio will provide amazing acceleration combined with the low vehicle weight. It is a sure win, to help improve fuel mileage


Spur Gear Guard

Helps prevent the spur gear from slinging debris all over the inside of the car and especially into the air filter. Works for rain and water puddles.


Lightweight 3.5mm drive shafts

When overall weight is an issue, why not reduce rotating mass.

Equal lenght front and rear.

Precision machined spring-steel.

Captured and bolted hinge pins

All hinge pins are either captured or bolted in place. This insures your chances to finish an hour long main event, while battling for the lead.

Hinge pin suspension balls

This relieves stress on the hinge pin when adjusting the kick up, or anti squat. Your pin is free to rotate to any angle without binding.

Captured universal joints

The idea here was simple. Guarantees you will finish a race without loosing a pin or set screw. All parts, axles and drive train components have capture pins

Larger 3.5 mm outer rear hinge pins

Better impact resistance in crashes. Provides silky smooth suspension operation and longer pin life.

Rear upright

Durable composite rear uprights.


Mud guards

In moist or wet dirt situations these mud guards reduce and dirt sticking to the rear drive shafts and shocks.


Racing clutch 4 - shoe

Allows you to mix and match shoe materials evenly in pairs. Also provides more surface area contact to insure the engagement.

4 carbon shaped shoes are standard ( alu ones optional).

Coil exhaust wire and alu mount

Helps aid in the front to back movement of the pipe when chassis flex occurs. Helps prevent damage to your exhaust gaskets.

Flanged and serrated wheel nuts

Guarantees that you will not loose a wheel nut in a race

Adjustable rear wing mount

The composite rear wing mount, allows to change the angle of the rear wing.


Two stage high down force wing

Wing has two levels of angle, which also includes 2 fins. Helps improve down force and straight line capability


Super Low profile Body

Improves appearance as well as keeps the profile low and even front to back.


S811 Cobra decal-sheet

The car-kit comes with a set of S811 Cobra decal sheet, made on very thin material.


Manual, ref-guide and set-up sheet

The S811 comes with a 36 page full color manual, reference list and exploded views for parts reference.

A black and default set-up sheet are included with each kit, and more set-ups will be posted in the serpent web pages.


The S811 car-kit comes packed in a colorfull and strong Cobra design carton box / box-top.

The parts are packed in strong nylon bags, following the assemebly steps / bag-numbers as listed in the manual.

Silicone oil for shocks and diffs is included.



With so many great features there are no doubts that the car will be a performer. In a world of details, the S811 will most likely dazzle you. From the front of the Car to the rear, there are so many things to enjoy. With a background and success of a company like Serpent, you will be very satisfied with the quality and performance of the S811 Cobra.


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600288 Chassis brace front alu


600289 Chassis brace rear alu

Serpent Cobra chassis braces, precision CNC machined, 7075 T6 anodised , as light as possible, with right amount of flex.

Stiffens the chassis even further compared to composite versions.


For Serpent Cobra, suspension bracket, in 7075 T6 alu, anodised. 2.5 - 4.5 Very strong and stiff suspension bracket for the rear suspension, front (in)side. Accepts the standard composite inserts.

* - Suspension bracket RR FR 2.5 - 4.5 (#600308)

* - Suspension bracket inserts (30) (#600132)

* - Suspension bracket RR RR 3 (#600155)

* - Suspension bracket RR FR 2 (#600156)

* - Suspension bracket alu FR RR std (#600176)

* - Suspension bracket alu FR FR std (#600177)


600300 Post wingmount alu (2)

For Serpent Cobra, precision machined aluminium post for the rear wing-mount, to replace the composite ones.

Use for improved looks and stiffnes. No mods required.


600301 Wing washer alu (2)

For Serpent Cobra, nicely machined aluminium, lightweight rear wing support washers.

Stronger than composite ones and for great looks !

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Shocktower alu 7075 T6 rear 5.5mm (#600285)

For Serpent Cobra we introduce the very strong and durable, and super-cool looking aluminium shocktower rear. Precision machined from highest quality 7075 T6 aerospace type aluminium in 5.5mm thickness. Recessed area’s and chamfered edges to reduce weight ( Only 31 grams) . and nice look. Designed to be very light, but be very strong too. Many positions to change shock angle and camber. No mods required, direct replacement for carbon one.


Shocktower alu 7075 T6 front 5.5mm (#600284)

For Serpent Cobra we introduce the very strong and durable, and super-cool looking aluminium shocktower front. Precision machined from highest quality 7075 T6 aerospace type aluminium in 5.5mm thickness. Recessed area’s and chamfered edges to reduce weight ( only 22 grams )and nice look. Designed to be very light, but be very strong too. Many position to change shock angle and camber. No mods required, direct replacement for carbon one.


Center diff holder alu (2) (#600286)

Center diff holder alu (2) Precision machined, anodised, high quality aluminium center diff holders. Exteremely light version.


Spring set FR red 4.64lbs (2) (#600353)

Spring set FR orange 4.4lbs (2) (#600352)

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