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TOP table des ressorts

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table ressorts de chez TOP vu que les ressorts sont tous noir

PS-TR15550 Shock Spring 393gf/mm , 22.0lb/in Rubber Tire

PS-TR15575 Shock Spring 367gf/mm , 20.5lb/in Rubber Tire

PS-TR15600 Shock Spring 344gf/mm , 19.2lb/in Rubber Tire

PS-TR15625 Shock Spring 324gf/mm , 18.1lb/in Rubber Tire

PS-TR15650 Shock Spring 306gf/mm , 17.1lb/in Rubber Tire

PS-TR15675 Shock Spring 289gf/mm , 16.2lb/in Rubber Tire

PS-TF17625 Shock Spring 626gf/mm , 35.0lb/in Foam Tire Front

PS-TF17650 Shock Spring 591gf/mm , 33.1lb/in Foam Tire Front

PS-TF17675 Shock Spring 560gf/mm , 31.3lb/in Foam Tire Front

PS-TF17700 Shock Spring 532gf/mm , 29.8lb/in Foam Tire Front

PS-TF17725 Shock Spring 507gf/mm , 28.3lb/in Foam Tire Front

PS-TF14575 Shock Spring 347gf/mm , 19.4lb/in Foam Tire Rear

PS-TF14600 Shock Spring 325gf/mm , 18.2lb/in Foam Tire Rear

PS-TF14625 Shock Spring 306gf/mm , 17.1lb/in Foam Tire Rear

PS-TF14650 Shock Spring 294gf/mm , 16.2lb/in Foam Tire Rear

PS-TF14675 Shock Spring 274gf/mm , 15.3lb/in Foam Tire Rear

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