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  • Hungarian Endurance race report

    Nicolas Petit


    Last weekend the Fifth Hungarian Serpent S411 Endurance race was held at Pecs in 'Sportolda' sportshall. This race is running in a unique format. The organisers prepare 6 identical S411 RTR cars. The race starts with the draw of cars among the teams. 4 racers consists of a team, they are allowed to use their own batteries and transmitter, the rest is provided by the organiser team. The race has 6 etaps, 50 minutes of driving followed by 15 minutes service-parks. At halftime everybody is having a lunch altogether while cars are waiting in the parc-ferme. The main goal is to have a lot of fun and tracktime and build a nice team spirit. Each competitor receives a medal at the end of the race.
    Video from the race:
    Serpent S411 RTR specs and stats:
    - Standard Dragon RC electronics (Speedo, Motor, Servo)
    - Alu chassis with custom servo-holder
    - Alu solid axle
    - Alu inner rear suspension bracket
    - more than 8100 laps (611km) completed
    Sportolda - www.sportolda.hu
    Serpent Hungary - www.caryx.hu

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