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    Introducing an exciting new racing class in VRC Pro: Rally X (Rally Cross). Based on the popular WRX style rally racing, VRC Pro delivers a complete new r/c racing experience, a true mix of on- and offroad racing on special Rally X tracks.

    Rally X events will also visit existing on-road tracks like Heemstede and Messina in the future, these tracks will be converted to RallyX style tracks for these events. The 2016 VRC Worlds kick off with Rally X on the X1 track located in a harbor container terminal area. The X1 and MACH-X tracks will be the first tracks available for Rally X.

    Rally X is a new class of r/c racing that is unique to VRC Pro. Rally car racing does not exist in real live r/c racing, but as it combines on- and off-road racing many r/c racers are expected to embrace this spectacular class!

    Rally X will be released on November 29 when the 2016 VRC Worlds kick off on X1.





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    • Expérience "très moyenne" avec Igor... Pour faire simple, disons qu'il m'a vendu une voiture en me disant qu'il n'y avait rien à changer. Après réception, il y a pas mal de pièces bonnes pour la poubelle, de la rouille à peu près partout, les roulements HS, et aussi des pièces manquantes. J'ai contacté Igor par MP à plusieurs reprises au cours des derniers mois, mais ça n'a rien donné.   Je recommande d'éviter ce vendeur!
    • B6 / B6D Triad Steering Axle | Titanium  
      Avid B6 / B6D Triad Steering Axles are made from titanium and designed to increase strength over the kit aluminum axles while also allowing you to narrow your track width with the included 1mm shims.
      Axles machined from billet 6Al-4V Titanium and the 1mm shims are Hard-Anodized 7075-T6 Aluminum.
      Axles allow you to narrow your B6 / B6D by 1mm on each side.
      Add strength by replacing the kit aluminum axles for those awesome wall drags (4.4g per set).
      Each package includes (2) Titanium Axles and (2) Hard-Anodized Aluminum Shims, and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.
      Fits: B6, B6D.
      Part Number
      Available AV1068-TI
      B6 / B6D Triad Steering Axles | Titanium
      now Dealers contact support@avidrc.com for information on carrying AVID products.
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    • B6 / B6D Carbon Steering Block Arms | Set
      The Avid B6 / B6D Carbon Fiber Steering Block Arms (Set) are made from 100% carbon fiber, offers Ackermann tuning options, and saves you a whopping 1g in weight! The set includes 3 pairs of arms: Kit geometry, +1 mid-increased Ackermann, and +2 max-increased Ackermann. This reduces scrub and allows the vehicle to rotate better in the middle of the corner. This rotation comes at the price of less steering at the exit of the corner. +1 is inbetween the kit geometry and our +2 to help you better tune your vehicle, it is suggested that you get our set of all 3 but we do sell them individually.
      Kit Steering Block Arms <---- Less - Middle Steering - More ----> +2 Steering Blocks
      It is recommended to sand the edges and seal the sides with super glue.
      When installing, do one screw at a time so that the part doesn't get pinched by the screw threads causing the carbon to split.
      100% Carbon Fiber, 2.5mm thick.
      +1 blocks marked by a single notch on side and +2 with two notches.
      A double notch on the side lets you know it is the +2.
      Steering Block Weights (2) (Kit: 2.4g | Carbon 1.3g)
      Includes (2) Carbon Steering Block Arms, (2) Carbon Steering Block Arms +1, (2) Carbon Steering Block Arms +2, (3) Doodad containers, (1) Mini-Decal
      Part Number
      Available AV1065-SET
      B6 / B6D Carbon Steering Block Arms | Set
      now AV1065
      B6 / B6D Carbon Steering Block Arms
      now AV1065-1
      B6 / B6D Carbon Steering Block Arms +1
      now AV1065-2
      B6 / B6D Carbon Steering Block Arms +2
      now Dealers contact support@avidrc.com for information on carrying AVID products.  
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    • L’ASMN organise le 5 fevrier prochain une course amicale TT 1/10e , 4×2 mod (standard melangés) , 4×4, truck/shortcourse
      Puce perso obligatoire (le club peut vous prêter une puce contre une caution de 130€ rendue en fin de journée, 5 puces disponibles)
      Inscription directement sur le site de l'asmn
      Pour le reglement : 12€ sans repas du midi, 17€ avec repas du midi, (même si vous doublez) par chèque à l’adresse suivante : Manuel Tribut 16 Grand rue  44690 Chateau Thébaud ou directement à la salle le jour de la course. Si vous souhaitez déjeuner sur place , n’oubliez pas de cocher la case repas dans le formulaire d’inscription.
      (repas : un complet poulet ou un jambon beurre, un part de gâteau et une boisson)
    • ok merci pour l'info Je vais tester bientôt le combo pour rcf1 en vidéo  
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