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    ~Ryan's comment~
    I'm very excited to announce that I will be joining Muchmore Racing. I feel
    that Muchmore is determined to succeed in the US and I'm glad I can be a
    part of that. Look out for all my Team Associated vehicles powered by
    Muchmore Racing products at the first race of the year CRCRC. 
    Ryan Cavalieri
    ~Koba's comment~
    So far, I have shared friendship with him.
    From now on, We will also share our business with him.
    We are proud of being his partner in both public and private.
    Muchmoreracing JP President, Yusuke Kobayashi
    Nicolas Petit
    Under the below link you can find all info on the release of the new Serpent Spyder SDX4.

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    The link also shows a brief interview with Joern Neumann, who won the European Championship 2016 in Spain with the pre-production Spyder SDX4.

    The Spyder SDX4 will start shipping after 27th of december, so in most hobbyshops by early january 2017. 

    Nicolas Petit
    Introducing an exciting new racing class in VRC Pro: Rally X (Rally Cross). Based on the popular WRX style rally racing, VRC Pro delivers a complete new r/c racing experience, a true mix of on- and offroad racing on special Rally X tracks.
    Rally X events will also visit existing on-road tracks like Heemstede and Messina in the future, these tracks will be converted to RallyX style tracks for these events. The 2016 VRC Worlds kick off with Rally X on the X1 track located in a harbor container terminal area. The X1 and MACH-X tracks will be the first tracks available for Rally X.
    Rally X is a new class of r/c racing that is unique to VRC Pro. Rally car racing does not exist in real live r/c racing, but as it combines on- and off-road racing many r/c racers are expected to embrace this spectacular class!
    Rally X will be released on November 29 when the 2016 VRC Worlds kick off on X1.


    RC10B64D Team Kit

    By ciol77, in News PetitRC,

    It all started with a 1-2-3 sweep
    In 2007, the RC10B44 swept the podium at the I.F.M.A.R. World Championships. Since then, Team Associated's first 1:10 scale 4WD buggy has held a dominant place at the front of the field. The B44 platform has gone on to win numerous National and International titles and added two more I.F.M.A.R. World Championships to its legacy in 2011 and 2013.

    Speed, grip, and durability
    Designed to take advantage of today's faster-than-ever tracks, the RC10B64D Team Kit offers increased durability, all new suspension geometry, a wider tuning window, improved weight distribution, and easy maintenance. Excelling on high-traction surfaces, the B64D's adjustable axle height and roll centers result in a stable yet nimble platform. With a new and improved center differential, the B64D rewards the driver with maximum drive out of all four wheels on dirt and clay surfaces.
      This vehicle needs extra parts to make it operational. Click on the SPECS tab above to see what extra equipment you'll need to make the vehicle operational, such as motor and battery pack. Prototype shown. Due to ongoing R&D, photos may not match final kit. RC10B64D Team Kit shown equipped with items NOT included in kit: Reedy motor, Reedy battery, Reedy ESC, Reedy servo, XP receiver, pinion gear, wheels, tires, and inserts. Body comes clear. Assembly and painting required. Features
    Robust suspension arms with multiple shock mounting positions 7075 hard-anodized narrow aluminum chassis with lightweight plastic side guards Aluminum floating motor mount allows consistent torsional chassis flex Aluminum/carbon fiber floating servo mount offers a tweak-free assembly Easy access to differentials allow quick tuning and maintenance Front and rear anti-roll bars provide flat cornering Center gear differential maximizes drive out of the corner 12mm aluminum drive hexes in both front and rear Stiff and lightweight 4mm thick carbon fiber shock towers Fully adjustable aluminum front and rear suspension arm mounts Precision-made aluminum caster blocks for added durability B6 generation ball cups and turnbuckles for precise adjustments and durability All metric hardware V2 12mm big bore threaded aluminum shocks with TiN shock shafts Option to mount rear shocks on either the front or rear of the rear suspension arms Factory Team upgraded ball bearings Team Associated clear body and screw-mounted wing by JConcepts Factory Team Aluminum Shock Bushings provide a stable shock mount base Part # Description Price Buy 90015 RC10B64D Team Kit MSRP: $659.99 Web: $429.99 Out of Stock NOTIFY ME WHEN IN STOCK:   Product Brochure

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    Nicolas Petit
    Last weekend was the end of year Juniors and Vets Championships.
    Many top quality drivers compete at these events.  Some of the superstars of today actually did these events for years.
    Those guys are now all older and the Vets have become a tough competition to win. 
    New Juniors are coming through and they are super quick too. 
    Well I am not Junior so it was the Veterans class for me.  To compete here one will need all their knowledge, skills and a lot more as everyone is experienced and know what to do.
    The event was held at Burry Metro just above Manchester.  An all Astro track with jumps, camber corners and very technical to get right.  A 500 mile round trip for me and I have never raced at this track before.   Weather conditions were awful all weekend.  Rain rain, wind wind and a continuous bombardment of horrid weather. 
    The 2wd event held on the Saturday and the 4wd on the Sunday.
    My 2wd car was super good all day.  As it tried to dry out it was super competitive and I was using the laydown transmission soon available from Serpent.  Superb forward traction.  While I was also racing I was constantly testing like I do these days and I was running my car super light at 1520g all up.  Very agile and managed to make the main A final easily.  I wasn’t quick enough for the win but was in contention all the way in the finals.  Enjoyed 2wd very much and TQed the V50 class and Won and retained the 2wd title for another year.
    I had some advice from one of our local Serpent guys that runs the SRX4 here and some changes were necessary.  Car was also very good in the Yuk weather conditions.  Track was drying out quick through the day as the rain eased off.  Unfortunately that took my advantage away and was not able to complete for a win today.  Took the TQ and Win for the V50 class again though and once again double V50 champ for the UK.
    By Tony Evdoka

    Nicolas Petit
    The 2016 European Championships where held in Valladolid, Spain. It was a dirt track and the jumps where covered by astroturf. After the warm up race the club removed the stone parts of the track and filled it with dirt. It made the track much better for 1/10Electric racing then before.

    Monday started with 7 Rounds of free practice. My Team Orion powered Serpent was great and only needed some small tweaks due the hot tempratures, after practice I was 2nd. Tuesday were another 2 Rounds of controlled practice and 3 Rounds of qualifying. I was able to TQ the 1st Round, 2nd in Round 2 and another TQ in the 3rd Round. That gave me the overnight TQ going into the finals day on wednesday. I could TQ the 4th Round, but Neil Cragg got the 5th Round and was 0.1sec faster then my time and I was only 2nd Overall.

    The finals. A1 I had a good start but, 3rd place driver tried to pass me but we crashed. I fall back to 3rd, but worked my way back up to 2nd.

    A2 This time I was very close to Neil after the start and I could follow him around closly until he made a mistake over the triple, which gave me the lead. I never looked back and took the leg victory.

    A3 The deciding leg. A clean start and I was again close at Neil´s back, I tried to follow him again. After the bridge, I had slighlty more speed, but it was no room to try a pass on Neil, so I decided to brake harder that we not crash, but unfortunately I braked to hard and spun out. After that I had no chance to take the win anymore. Overall I finished 2nd place in 2WD with the new version Serpent Spyder SRX2.

    4WD again 7 Rounds of free practice. My car was very good for a 5min run. Overall after practice where the best 2 laps counted I was 5th. Going into qualifying on Friday I was very confident with my hole package. In Round 1 I got a 2nd place, Round 2 a 5th place and 4th in Round 3. Overall I was 3rd after 3 Rounds. 

    I had more pace in my package then this, but always small issues held me back.

    On Saturday, the day started out good with a 2nd place in Round 4 and a 3rd in Round 5. Overall I stayed in 3rd place.

    A1 I should started in 3rd, but as the others had issues before the start 3rd was actually the TQ spot. I was able to build a gap to the others over the first couple laps and take the win.

    A2 I had a few small mistakes over the run and finished 2nd place. Which already secured a podium spot.

    A3 I knew I needed to win this final to take the Overall victory. I had a very good start and could pass Neil on the second corner. After that I was right at the back of Bruno for a coupe of laps until I passed him on the inside before the chicane. Bruno made an error and fall back to 4th. I had a 3 seconds lead over Neil with 2 min to go. I knew I just need to keep it on the wheels and I would take the 4WD European Title. That was exactly what happend and I was crowned the new 4WD European Champion after coming so close in 2WD.   My Serpent Spyder SDX4  shaftdrive production prototype worked very well !!  

    Thanks to all my Sponsors, without their support it wouldnt be possible to archieve such great results.

    Serpent (Cars)

    Team Orion (Speedo, Motor, batteries)

    Proline (Tires)

    K-Power (Servos)

    Arrowmax (Best looking tools)

    Muchmore (accessoires) 

    Stickit1 (shirts and decals)

    WTF (cooling fan´s)





    Mit freundlichen Grüßen 
    Jörn Neumann

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    • c'est un châssis d'occasion que j'ai eu et refait au propre (changé les poulies,changer tous les roulements par des Avid, changer toutes la visserie, changer le châssis carbon par un neuf, refait le diff arriere et refait l'huile des amortos). pour les pistons, je n'ai pas les 4 en 1.1 et 4 trous, je vais voir pour commander ca, et en ressort je vais repartir sur ceux d'origine, voir un 2.6 juste a l’arrière. pour le diff, faut que j'achete de l'huile aussi (je prend que de la hudy de toute facon). et je vais revenir au réglage de base indiqué dans le manuel de montage. Merci en tout cas de votre aide, j'ai une petite amical au club (A quincieux dans le rhone si certain connaissent),, je vous dirais si j'ai eu des effet bénéfique. le circuit pour ceux qui veulent voir le tracé (sinueux qui demande pas mal de directivité pour le coup) cirshttps://www.google.fr/maps/place/Circuit+Modelisme+Quincieux.+RC+Quincieux/@45.9178755,4.7744767,19.75z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x47f49101b22d26dd:0x408ab2ae4bb1f70!2s69650+Quincieux!3b1!8m2!3d45.914811!4d4.7786859!3m4!1s0x0:0x61f34e54f1c4349a!8m2!3d45.917725!4d4.7745788    
    • Salut, Je suis d'accord avec les deux précédentes réponses.  Ce sont vraiment des réglages très très étranges que vous utilisez là, ce n'est pas du tout équilibré. La T4 en version 2016 est une excellente auto, de plus très tolérante (j'ai longtemps roulé avec, avant de passer sur la version 2018), même avec des réglages approximatifs ou osés. Si le train arrière se dérobe, à 90% c'est le droop (environ 6 devant, entre 4 et 5 derrière, à voir) qui est faux. Autres hypothèses: pneus mal collés, platine supérieure affaiblie ou cassée, erreur de montage, châssis violemment tweaké, triangle et/ou amortisseur coincés... Solution radicale: démonter et remonter la suspension, remettre le châssis et le support moteur à plat, et remettre les réglages d'origine, qui sont sains et fonctionnent honorablement sur 99% des pistes. Le système PSS avec les amortisseurs de la 2016, doivent être remplis avec de la 550 XRay, et soit on monte les quatre, soit pas du tout. Avec les pistons quatre trous de 1.1, c'est de la 400 XRay. La viscosité est bien sûr à ajuster en fonction des conditions, mais pas dans des proportions dantesques. Je n'ai jamais vu quelqu'un utiliser les trois trous je crois.
      Ouverture 2° c'est trop, et le pincement arrière ce n'est pas assez (3° normalement, et 2.5° quand la piste le permet).
      5mm de garde au sol partout. 1mm de plongée, ça n'aide pas.
      Partir avec des 2.5 ou 2.6 en ressorts partout, et remettre les 2.5-2.7 devant si besoin de directivité.
      Le carrossage entre 1 et 2°, et l'huile de diff entre 2000 et 5000 suivant la piste. Des photos de l'auto permettraient de voir un éventuel problème. Cordialement,
    • Merci pour les retours oui c'est pour du bitume, un espèce de goudron qui grippe (c'est un circuit de petit club du coin, la piste est en plusieurs goudrons). sinon j'ai une bittydesign Ascari.  
    • Alors il y a plusieurs points que je reverrais: Le PSS pour moi c'est partout ou nulle part, j'enlèverais. Le PSS demande une huile de 50 plus épaisse que sans. 300 avec 3 trous, ça me semble un peu léger pour des Volante, je partirais sur de la 450 sans PSS, 3 trous. Les ressorts ca me semble bien Le pincement arrière peut être repassé à 2.5 ou 3, mais cela ralentira la voiture en courbe. Le carrossage peut facilement est être monté à 1.5 partout Inutile de mettre une garde au sol plongeante, 5mm c'est bien La striker n'est pas une carro qui aide, une boite à chaussures ferait pareil. Le diff pourrait être en 3000, mais 5000 ce n'est pas catastrophique Par contre je suis étonné de ne pas voir le réglage du droop (6 devant, 4.5 derrière) et surtout un paramètre souvent sous-estimé, le dual-rate. Lorsqu'il y a peu de grip, il faut réduire le débattement de la direction histoire de calmer les transferts de masses.
    • Réglages bitume ou moquette ? Reviens sur les pitons d'origine avec de la 450. Moquette : 2.7 av et 2.6 arr, bitume : 2.8 partout. Mets de la 3000 ds le diff.   Stéphane.
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