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    We are pleased to announce our new Touring Car platform for 2017 the Mi6evo.

    The Schumacher Mi6evo is the latest evolution of Schumacher’s successful “Mi” touring car range.  It includes the latest developments from Schumacher’s international racing and engineering team to keep you at the front of the pack. 
    Like the Mi6, it is superbly engineered and equipped to enable set up changes to be made simply and quickly.

    The Mi6evo features sensationally free ball raced wishbones with no slop and with an even lower centre of gravity manages to carry even more corner speed. 
    Although still as responsive and nimble to drive as ever, the Mi6evo gives class leading consistency and durability, superb for all levels of driver.
    With a massive attention to detail the all new Schumacher Mi6evo leads the way in 2017. 
    The Schumacher Mi6evo..... racing intelligence evolved!

    New 2017 Features

    - Modified chassis plate with increased cut outs around the suspension mounts for more traction.
    - Shorter span, reduced footprint motor mount gives increased rear chassis flex and more rear traction.  
    - Ability to brace rear top deck without connecting to motor mount for different stiffness tuning.  
    - Motor position moved 3mm inboard reduces roll. 
    - Centre line belts for perfect balance. 
    - Lightweight 5 spoke spool, and lightweight centre pulley. 
    - Carbon fibre reinforced nylon wishbones reduce weight and increase flexibility. 
    - Optional larger spur for more forward motor positioning in modified racing. 
    Available March 2017 
    Nicolas Petit
    The latest innovation from Schumacher for the exciting world of GT12 racing is the new ATOM CC.
    Alongside the original SupaStox ATOM, the ATOM CC features a carbon fibre chassis and the ability to adjust the battery mounting position.
    The CC is ideal for the driver that likes a more responsive and edgy feel to their car.

    New -燙arbon fibre chassis for improved response.

    New -燗djustable battery position for balance tuning, more forward option.

    New -燤ore forward servo position with improved chassis mounting.

    New -燬maller steering ball grippa's.

    - Lightweight Ball Differential with 3 Screw Wheel Fixing and Carbon Axle (Top Spec)�
    - Separate Springs for Independent Roll and Bump stiffness adjustment
    - Balanced Rear Pod assembly
    - Contact Wheels with Improved Flex and Handling Characteristics (Top Spec)�
    - Range of World Championship winning Contact foam available�
    - Extra Low Motor Position�
    - Lightweight Low Centre of Gravity CNC Alloy Motor Mounts�
    Due late February 2017

    K173 - ATOM CC - Pro 
    (Pro Kit shown in all pictures and includes C/F Pro diff, side dampers, left rear wheel clamp and new Atom GT12 wheels - Carbon Fibre chassis)�

    K174 - ATOM CC - Sport 
    (Sport kit has a fixed rear axle with no diff, no side dampers and old style SupaStox rear wheels - Carbon Fibre chassis)�
    Conversion from the ATOM to the ATOM CC is possible with the following parts;
    U7276 - C/F - Chassis - Atom CC
    U7277 - S1 - Side Link Mount - Atom CC
    U4968 - Ball Sockets Low Profile -Eclipse - pk4 
    U7278 - Servo Saver Assembly 23T - Atom CC 
    U7279 - Servo Saver Assembly 25T - Atom CC

    Nicolas Petit
    B6 / B6D Triad Steering Axle | Titanium

    Avid B6 / B6D Triad Steering Axles are made from titanium and designed to increase strength over the kit aluminum axles while also allowing you to narrow your track width with the included 1mm shims.
    Axles machined from billet 6Al-4V Titanium and the 1mm shims are Hard-Anodized 7075-T6 Aluminum.
    Axles allow you to narrow your B6 / B6D by 1mm on each side.
    Add strength by replacing the kit aluminum axles for those awesome wall drags (4.4g per set).
    Each package includes (2) Titanium Axles and (2) Hard-Anodized Aluminum Shims, and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.
    Fits: B6, B6D.
    Part Number
    B6 / B6D Triad Steering Axles | Titanium
    Dealers contact support@avidrc.com for information on carrying AVID products.
    Nicolas Petit
    B6 / B6D Carbon Steering Block Arms | Set

    The Avid B6 / B6D Carbon Fiber Steering Block Arms (Set) are made from 100% carbon fiber, offers Ackermann tuning options, and saves you a whopping 1g in weight! The set includes 3 pairs of arms: Kit geometry, +1 mid-increased Ackermann, and +2 max-increased Ackermann. This reduces scrub and allows the vehicle to rotate better in the middle of the corner. This rotation comes at the price of less steering at the exit of the corner. +1 is inbetween the kit geometry and our +2 to help you better tune your vehicle, it is suggested that you get our set of all 3 but we do sell them individually.
    Kit Steering Block Arms <---- Less - Middle Steering - More ----> +2 Steering Blocks
    It is recommended to sand the edges and seal the sides with super glue.
    When installing, do one screw at a time so that the part doesn't get pinched by the screw threads causing the carbon to split.
    100% Carbon Fiber, 2.5mm thick.
    +1 blocks marked by a single notch on side and +2 with two notches.
    A double notch on the side lets you know it is the +2.
    Steering Block Weights (2) (Kit: 2.4g | Carbon 1.3g)
    Includes (2) Carbon Steering Block Arms, (2) Carbon Steering Block Arms +1, (2) Carbon Steering Block Arms +2, (3) Doodad containers, (1) Mini-Decal
    Part Number
    B6 / B6D Carbon Steering Block Arms | Set
    B6 / B6D Carbon Steering Block Arms
    B6 / B6D Carbon Steering Block Arms +1
    B6 / B6D Carbon Steering Block Arms +2
    Dealers contact support@avidrc.com for information on carrying AVID products.

    Nicolas Petit
    We're excited to announce a host of new option parts for the FF210!
    First up are the LWB (Long wheelbase) Rear suspension arms and Rear suspension arm plates. These extend the wheelbase by 8mm to increase stability and calm the steering. The update works particularly well to increase performance on high grip and for flowing tracks. The rear suspension plate is also mounted with an extra screw to prevent tweak within the suspension arm assembly (that could for example be caused as result of an impact).

    Secondly are steering arms for the DEX210V3's Multi-Axle system. This upgrade enables the car to make a smaller turning radius, increasing the car's performance particularly on tight tracks (such as indoors).
    Last but not least, the introduction of aluminium filled sidepods. These sidepods are stiffer and thus reduce flex, increasing the response of the car and giving a more confidence-inspiring feel to the car. This part also increases stability in high grip conditions.
    All parts have been used with success at recent tests and were used to win the most recent round of the MAC Vlijmen Winterkampioenschap. Pre-order for the parts will be opened soon.

    Nicolas Petit
    Racing has changed. Tracks have changed. To keep up, cars have adapted, but until now have never been ahead of the game. The new Cougar KC is designed primarily for modern carpet and astro surfaces. Offering the driver four different motor layout positions with multiple battery types and fitting options. The KC has the ability to be set up perfectly, on all types of tracks, tight and twisty or open and flowing. All the parts required for all the layouts are included as standard in the kit! The new Cougar KC, on Carpet or Astro it has you covered! 

    The Cougar KC incorporates prototype features, used recently by Michal Orlowski to convincingly win the EOS in Poland and the 2017 DHI Cup.

    New 4 alternative motor positions for huge versatility on different track types and conditions.
    New 3 Gear transmission for opposite motor rotation, improves agility and steering on high traction surfaces. 
    New Multiple battery fitting options. Saddle, square and shorty.
    New super sleek, ‘Gull Wing’ wishbones with new anti roll bar option. 
    New Front outer hinge pin design, grub screw fixing for improved pin retention. 
    New Adjustable rear shock location in front or behind the wishbones, in the kit.
    New sleek, ‘Shark Fin’ bodyshell.
    New Lightweight ball mounted, two piece shock cap with bleed screw and vented option.
    New Lightweight, twin pad slipper clutch with new ultra fine adjustment spring.
    New Larger 5x11x5mm layshaft and pulley bearings, increases durabilty and precision.
    New 2 sets of lightweight posts to suit standard and modern low profile batteries.
    New Easy to use battery thumb screws.
    New Alloy horizontally split transmission housings for easy diff access and maintenance.
    New Rear transmission mounted pivot strap. Increased chassis clearance.
    New Small, low rotating mass gear differential.  With 3 position height adjustment, to adjust for driveshaft plunge and mixed track conditions. Optional ball diff available.

    New 2.5mm aluminium chassis, with sensor lead wiring channels.
    New Carbon fibre side pods for advanced chassis stiffness tuning.
    New Versatile chassis allows conversion between the high grip Cougar KC to low grip Cougar KD spec. 5 cars in 1!
    New Front camber captive ball joints. 
    New Class leading suspension geometry with durable components and a range of optional alloy parts, offering adjustments to set up your COUGAR KC for all track conditions.
    New Front 5 deg yokes with adjustable roll centre heights.

    25 super precision ball bearings.
    Big bore shocks with big bore “CORE” springs, titanium nitride shafts, threaded collars and twin o-ring sealing.
    Shock seal pack housing with 'O' ring sealing to prevent loosening. 
    Compact steering system for improved in-line weight placement, with adjustable and dynamic ackerman.

    Front shock tower cover to protect your car and the track from damage.
    Strong steel universal driveshafts.
    Strong, rigid 4mm carbon fibre shock brackets.
    Large “CLAW” high downforce rear wing.
    Adjustable rear roll centres, inboard toe-in and anti-squat.
    Lightweight, narrower side gears for increased efficiency.
    Pro ball studs with 2mm hex.
    Quick release idle shaft. 
    Strong front steering hub, with fine ‘Kwik Klip’ adjustment.
    12mm Hex Wheels with clean look and industry standard offset.

    Due February 2017

    Nicolas Petit
    Antonio Mangiaracina ( CH) runs with Project 4X
      Serpent is happy to annouce that Swiss topdriver in 1/10 EP Antonio Mangiaracina has reconfirmed with Serpent for the 2017 season.,    Antonio started with Serpent to run the new and innovative Project 4X car and has been racing the car for a few months now, as well as helping drivers around him to learn the car quicker. The results are very good already and he really loves the new car and its very different design !  
    Nicolas Petit
    Another brilliant event was held at the Schumacher Indoor Masters round 4 at Worksop this past weekend. 
    There were 14 heats of entries across the 2 classes of 2wd and 4wd buggy. Once again a huge entry for an event.
    This time the Worksop track crew had designed a very fast and flowing circuit, so lap times were going to be pretty quick!
    Doors opened at the venue at 7AM and there was a huge flow of people entering the sports arena. Many racers keen to get back racing at the venue as we hadn't been able to have an event here since November, this due to the Christmas Holidays. Many drivers had nice new shiny kit to use that they had received for Christmas presents.
    As always the qualifying format was round by round, with the best 2 results to count towards the final and grid position.
    It was Danny McGee on form in 4wd qualifying, just ahead of Jack Neal and James Helliwell.
    In 2wd it was very close between Neil Cragg and Danny McGee all day, with both drivers taking 2 round TQ's each, but Neil having the faster time which would see him line up on pole position. Adam Perei drove superb and would line up a brilliant 3rd on the grid.

    4wd A Final
    1 Danny McGee
    2 James Helliwell
    3 Jack Neal
    4 Billy Fletcher
    5 Craig Collinson
    6 Allan O Brien
    7 Mark Fletcher
    8 Richard Lowe
    9 Ben Jemison
    10 Karl Marsden
    11 Steven Pierce

    2wd A Final
    1 Neil Cragg
    2 Adam Perei
    3 Mitchell Fiddling
    4 Craig Collinson
    5 Danny McGee
    6 James Helliwell
    7 James Hart
    8 Allan O Brien
    9 Karl Marsden
    10 Mark Fletcher
    11 Richard Lowe

    The Series now moves on to round 5 on Sunday 29th January.
    Limited spaces still available in both classes, please get booked in if you haven't already done so and would like to race.

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    • Bonjour tout le monde, Vous voulez découvrir l’auto-modélisme électrique en famille? Que vous ayez ou non du matériel, les journées découvertes sont faites pour vous! Chaque année, le genevamodelcars organise une journée découverte ouverte à tous et entièrement gratuite. Pendant un jour entier, vous avez la possibilité d’accéder au circuit de Meyrin – Route du Nant-d’Avril – afin de profiter des installations, essayer du matériel et participer à des concours. Sortez vos agendas, la prochaine journée découverte aura lieu le: Dimanche 19 mai 2019 10h00 à 17h00 Découvrir la RC Le modélisme radiocommandé est un loisir complet et passionnant, il offre une grande variété d’activités. Que vous soyez amateur d’automobile, de mécanique, de pilotage, vous trouverez dans le modélisme RC de quoi vous satisfaire, et même vous trouver de nouveaux centres d’intérêt. Il s’agit d’un hobby qui peut être pratiqué dès le plus jeune âge (en présence des parents) et jusqu’à’ à un âge avancé. Le genevamodelcars compte parmi ses membres des pratiquants âgés de 7 ans et demi à 77 ans. Un excellent moyen de passer de bons moments en famille. Tout jeunes déjà, les enfants pourront s’initier au bricolage, guidés par des adultes, pour changer un peu de la télévision et des jeux vidéo. Ils et elles pourront développer leurs capacités manuelles, leur concentration et leur persévérance. Le modélisme en club c’est aussi une atmosphère qui enseigne la courtoisie, l’humilité et le respect des autres pratiquants. Au genevamodelcars les mots d’ordre sont plaisir et détente. Le souci du détail, la course entre amis, et les plaisirs de la vitesse sans danger, voilà ce que la voiture RC peut vous offrir. Tirage au sort Durant la journée, un concours pour les enfants et les familles est organisé avec le matériel du club. Cette mini-compétition est basée sur la régularité. Tous les participants recevront un ticket pour le tirage au sort. Des magnifiques lots seront à gagner:  – kit RTR et bons d’achat – offerts par nos partenaires: Neidhart distribution et le magasin en ligne HobbyTime by MolardJouet seront à gagner. Vous n’avez aucune excuse pour ne pas y participer! Le tirage au sort aura lieu à 16h00. Démonstrations Durant la journée, des sessions de démonstrations sont organisées. Vous allez pouvoir découvrir les modèles en tout genre en action comme par exemple des voitures 1/10 électrique « touringcar » de compétition pouvant aller à plus de 100 km/h! Marché de l’occasion Des choses à vendre? Vous cherchez du matériel? Il y aura des bonnes affaires lors de notre marché de l’occasion organisé tout au long de la journée. Tous les renseignements utiles se trouvent à l'adresse suivante: http://decouverte.genevamodelcars.ch/ Cordialement, S.      
    • Bonjour tout le monde, Les gemcseries (ou championnat genevois) sont organisées par le genevamodelcars et ouvertes à toutes et tous, quel que soit l’âge ou le niveau de pilotage. Que vous soyez un/une débutant(e), participant à votre première course, ou un/une pilote plus expérimenté ces courses sont faites pour vous. Le règlement -motorisation volontairement raisonnable, pneus imposés, produits a pneu interdits, piste sucrée- ainsi que le format de course ont été ajustés aux fils du temps afin que vous puissiez avoir un maximum de plaisir en pratiquant votre hobby. Toutes les informations sur les SERIES: dates, règlement, etc., se trouvent sur la page dédiée: http://series.genevamodelcars.ch]series.genevamodelcars.ch Pour cette nouvelle saison, 5 manches se dérouleront sur le circuit du Nant-d’Avril à Meyrin. Le circuit du GeMC se situe à deux pas de la frontière franco-suisse! Les dates des courses (avec les dates de réserve en cas de mauvais temps entre parenthèses): Manche 1 – 04.05.2019 (11.05.2019) Manche 2 – 08.06.2019 (15.06.2019) Manche 3 – 13.07.2019 (20.07.2019) Manche 4 – 31.08.2019 (07.09.2019) Manche 5 – 05.10.2019 (12.10.2019) Le règlement a été mis à jour et est disponible sur le site du club. Les changements majeurs sont les suivants: - Sous-catégorie « Rookie » pour les Formule 1 en plus des TouringCar. Cette sous-catégorie est ouverte à tous ceux qui débutent. Elle offre une classement séparé à la fin de chaque manche et du championnat. - Interdiction des produits à pneus mais aussi des nettoyants. La saison 2018 a montré le faible intérêt/efficacité d’utiliser un nettoyant à pneus fournis par l’organisation. Il a été décidé de tout simplement le supprimer pour 2019. - Pneus autorisés en TouringCar: Hudy A1-36 et Sweep EXP30R. Suite aux problèmes rencontrés en fin de saison passée sur des températures de piste fraîches, une nouvelle gomme a été recherchée par l’organisation afin que chacun puisse profiter au maximum de l’expérience des gemcseries. Une dizaine de références ont été testée courant du moins de mars sur une piste froide et non sucrée et la gomme Hudy A1-36 (Importeur TMmodels) a donné d’excellents résultats. Ils seront donc disponibles avec l’inscription à prix réduit aux courses dès la première manche. Pour ceux qui veulent rouler dans des conditions proches du Championnat suisse SRCCA, les pneus officiels Sweep EXP30R aussi utilisé l’an passé sont toujours autorisés. Cordialement,
    • Bonsoir, Je me suis décidé à ressortir du grenier mon bon vieux Yokomo YZ 10 ! j'ai mis un brusless repris mes accus Nicd et feux flamme , trop bien !!! A bientôt  M@nu73
    • sur les conseils de ZOO, n'hésites pas a l'avancer de 4 ou 6 mm pour l'asphalt, l'arrière est très stable le 1er trait correspond au neutre
    • J'attends la mienne pour ainsi faire comparatif avec Racer, JP8, Type S et M410 sur moquette puis sur asphalte cet été...   Stéphane.
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