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    The new 2017/18 season of the popular Silverstone Winter Series kicked off with another full entry at the fantastic Moulton College venue.
    With many of the UK's top drivers in attendance the racing was fast and competitive.

    In the biggest 2WD class Greg Williams led home Danny McGee for a Schumacher KC 1-2, after a couple of mistakes from pole man Ellis Stafford, and William Venables made it up to 3rd, from 9th on the grid.

    Lee Martin secured a dominant TQ and win for Yokomo in 4WD, from James Harrold and Connor Cocker.
    Richard Miller won the truck class from Daniel Gardner and Russell Lee.
    Nicolas Petit
    We have 4 new products to announce today.
    The B64 LP Battery Post Set allows for the drop-in fit of the feather-light (150 gram range) "LP" Low-Profile LiPo Batteries into a B64 or B64D.   Dropping between 50 and 70 grams over a conventional shorty battery, the reduced weight and lower CG allows for faster cornering and acceleration.
    Racers can use the same baseline setup as the heavier battery pack, but we recommend trying a longer rear link on the hub or tower to gain a bit more rear traction.   Also, you can add 20 grams to the right rear behind the battery to achieve more rear grip and still save tons of weight over a normal battery.
    Precision CNC Delrin (TM) material, made in the USA. 2 pcs. included with mount screws, instructions, and Coach's Tips. Recommended for 5 minute modified and up to 7 minute 13.5 4wd races without any drop-off. Fits B64 or B64D.  
    Also new on our popular line for V2 Associated 12mm pistons (screw-on type) we are offering 3 new variants.   The 3 x 1.5mm Flat pistons are popular for 2wd and 4wd buggies in rear.   Also, we are offering a new 3+1 line of split hole pistons, with the +1 additional hole added to give more grip and forgivement in bumpy conditions compared to a standard 3-hole.    The addition of the small 4th hole gives less low-speed damping resistance, resulting in more traction.  It also alters the damping progression relative to a conventional piston, giving less resistance initially before ramping as the shock speed increases.

    Nicolas Petit
    EFRA 1/10th 2WD Off Road Euros – Finals Report
    After completely dry qualifying for the 2WD Championship here in Pinerolo Italy, showers before the finals presented a new conundrum for all the Drivers.
    Englands Lee Martin started from pole with Riccardo Berton a surprise 2nd for Italy.
    Leg 1 saw a textbook run from Lee winning with some ease, however in the 2nd leg the changing surface conditions and a lack of information about the progress of the race nearly caught out the Yokomo Driver and he slowed 1 lap too early almost handing victory to Michal Orlowski., but a good piece of defensive driving saw Lee over the line to claim his 6th European championship
    The final leg saw a win for Schumacher and Poland’s Orlowski that enabled him to take the runner up spot in the championship.
    The full top 10 is.

    1 – Lee Martin – United Kingdom
    2- Michal Orlaowski – Poland
    3- Renaud Savoya – France
    4- Riccardo Berton – Italy
    5- Joona Haatanen – Finland
    6- Hupo Honigl – Austria
    7 – Neil Cragg – United Kingdom
    8 – Martin Bayer – Czech Republic
    9- Davide Ongaro – Italy
    10 – Daniel Kobbevik - Norway

    Sent by EFRA
    PETITRC is pleased to present you the Team Associated TC7.1 from Spencer Rivkin

    PETITRC a le plaisir de vous présenter la Team Associated TC7.1 de Spencer Rivkin que nous avons rencontré à la Reedy Race 2017
    Toutes nos photos / All of our pictures : 
    Nicolas Petit

    Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced the XB2 Brass Rear 
    Weight for all Xray XB2 with laydown gearboxes. The weight is made from 
    high-quality brass material and is a direct fit to the vehicle's 
    gearbox. The weight adds 34g to the rearmost part of the chassis for 
    increased traction in lower grip conditions. The weight comes coated in 
    black and with machined gold-colour edge details to match the remainder 
    of RDRP's brass option parts.

    #RDRP0319 XB2 Brass Rear Weight

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    • Bonsoir tout le monde, Pour cette année, la Coupe de Genève adopte une formule inédite, puisqu’il ne s’agira pas vraiment d’une course à proprement parler, mais d’une journée ouverte à tous, que vous soyez membre du club ou non, placée sous le signe du fun, de la décontraction et de l’échange. Le principe en est simple. Durant la journée seront aménagées, en fonction des pilotes présents, de la catégorie de leur(s) auto(s) et de leur niveau de pilotage, des plages horaires pour que vous puissiez vous faire plaisir sur la piste. A la demande, des mini-courses sans enjeu pourront être improvisées. De plus, des pilotes expérimentés se tiendront à votre disposition pour répondre à toutes vos questions, pour des conseils de matériel et de pilotage, pour vous aidez à régler votre auto et en tirer le meilleur! Aucune contrainte ou presque! La participation est naturellement gratuite et ouverte à tous les possesseurs de voitures électriques piste (piste interdite aux voitures thermiques et inadaptée au Drift, merci de votre compréhension). Vous arrivez et vous partez quand vous le souhaitez. Seul doléance, merci de signaler votre participation à votre arrivée aux organisateurs, ou idéalement, annoncer votre venue sur notre forum ou sur notre Facebook pour que nous puissions estimer le nombre de participants. Le club dispose de puces de comptage à prêter, moyennant caution. Que vous soyez un pur débutant ou un pilote confirmé, ce sera donc l’occasion rêvée de tester notre piste de Meyrin, située à deux pas de la frontière franco-suisse! L’équipe du GenevaModelCars se tient à votre disposition pour toute question! Rendez-vous donc au samedi 20 octobre (date de réserve en cas de pluie: 27.10.2018) sur la piste de Meyrin! Tous les renseignements sur le site du club:http://www.genevamodelcars.ch Cordialement,
    • Bonsoir à tous, Cette cinquième et dernière manche s'est bien déroulée. La météo était très fraîche le matin, rendant l'accroche quelque peu précaire, mais à midi le soleil est réapparu, rendant les températures plus agréables et faisant revenir un bon grip. 34 pilotes étaient présents en catégorie Touring, mais seulement cinq en catégorie Formule 1. Les résultats se trouvent sur cette page: http://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/main?pLa=fr&hId[1]=arv&dFi=gemc&dId[E]=39341# Le streaming de la journée: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e20x8CYKqts et quelques images (crédit: www.overrc.com). Rendez-vous donc au samedi 20 octobre (date de réserve en cas de pluie: 27.10.2018) sur la piste de Meyrin pour la Coupe de Genève! Cordialement,
    • Xpress Execute XQ1 steering Ackermann plates   Coming from Xpress and made for the Execute XQ1 and XQ1S touring car are new optional steering Ackermann plates. Machined from high-quality carbon fibre the plates are available in the three different options stock, 1 dot and 2 dot with the latter two reducing the steering Ackermann effect to adjust the steering feeling to different traction levels. The 1 and 2 dot plates come as a complete set and they are best used in high-grip conditions as they provide improved stability on turn-in and during cornering. In addition the standard geometry arms are available in a special option version that provides improved overall rigidity for a sharper steering response. The Ackermann plates require the use of 2mm bumpsteer spacers in order to recreate the standard steering geometry. Source: Xpress [rc-xpress.com]
    • Xpress Execute XQ1/XM1 anti-tweak battery mount   Designed for the Execute XQ1 and XM1 cars is Xpress’ new anti-tweak battery mount. The multi-piece carbon fibre and alloy construction does away with the need to use reinforced tape in favour of either two carbon fibre hold downs or hook and loop straps. The results are faster battery swaps, improved reliability and also nearly zero tweak issues compared to using tape. The system is usable for all Execute series cars. Source: Xpress [rc-xpress.com]
    • Bonjour a tous  Voici quelques nouveautés de chez Express sur le châssis excute XQ1 Xpress Execute XQ1 vertical top deck set   Coming from Xpress and made foe the Execute XQ1 and XQ1S kits is a vertical top deck set. The multi-piece top deck was designed to replace the standard top deck with a construction that will increase both forward traction and side bite in low to medium grip track conditions. Several flex features allow to adjust lateral grip by adding or removing centre stiffeners while the design also allows to connect the top deck with the motor mount stiffener post. The set includes all needed parts to perform the conversion. Source: Xpress [rc-xpress.com]
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